20 Blog Post Ideas (To Get You Out of a Rut)

Here it is, you guys, my final installment (for now!) of blog post ideas to get you out of a rut. Now with this list, I have listed 100 blog post ideas! (You can see my other lists of blog post ideas here, here, here, and here.) There are quite a few on this list that I’m saving to use later- it should be fun!

ideas for posts

Share items that you save or splurge on and why

Tell why you started blogging in the first place

Re-publish your very first post to show how far your blog has come and how your style has changed

List your favorite apps that you use on a daily basis

Write an open letter to someone and finally say what you’ve always wanted to

Make a list of your favorite life hacks (or any other kind!)

Show screenshots of your favorite outfits from your favorite tv show/character (and try to recreate them with your own wardrobe!)

List 10 things you would want to tell your younger self

List 10 things you want to tell your older self

Explain what you do for a living

Show where you work (office, desk, building, etc.)

Talk about a risk you took- and if it was worth it

Give up something for a period of time (TV, chocolate, coffee) and share how you handled it (or didn’t)

Tell readers about your hometown- what you liked, what you didn’t, where you lived

If you have a pet, introduce it!

Share a playlist of songs you loved when you were younger

What was your first job? Tell your readers about it and what you learned

Share how you plan your blog posts/stay on track

Write a series of funny haikus about your day or a topic

Share a list of your favorite youtube tutorials

post ideas pin

What one is your favorite from this list? Have you already written a post on one of these topics? If so, send me a link in the comments- I would love to read it! 🙂

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