20 More Blog Post Ideas (To Get You Out of a Rut)

We’ve all been there. You’re tired. You’re feeling burned out. You want to keep up with your blogging schedule but have NO IDEA what to write. You could just skip it. Or you could use that magical button you keep in your closet to stop time. (Oh that’s not a real thing? Darn.) OR you could use one of these blog posts ideas I’ve listed below! They’re quick, easy, and guaranteed to help get you out of your writing rut!

post ideas

Share a fitness goal (great for the new year!)

Track the progress of your fitness goal!

Create a challenge for your readers (like a photo or fitness challenge for the month!)

Share the meaning behind your blog name

create a list of things to do during the upcoming season (fall, winter, football, etc)

Share an anniversary you are celebrating (could be romantic, blogging, work, etc)

Share inspiration for your next haircut/style

Share the results of your latest haircut/style!

Create a weekly series (like sharing a new recipe every Tuesday)

Review a tv show that you just watched and enjoyed

Compare and contrast different products you’ve tried of the same kind

Share something that has inspired you

Share someone that has inspired you

Have one of your friends do a ‘guest post’ on your blog

Rant about something that bugs you (be careful on this one… once you put words on the internet they are there FOREVER)

Chronicle your thoughts while doing a task (chores, watching a new movie, going grocery shopping, etc)

Create a freebie for your readers and share it (like a desktop background)

Are you part of a group or organization? tell us about it!

Share a big event that is going on in your life (moving, birthday, loss, etc)

Play two truths and a lie with your readers

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