Short Hair, Please

When it comes to my hair, I only like it two ways: short and shoulder-length or nice and long. Anything in between is horrible to me. The absolute worst. I hate it. I get so excited when I get my hair cut, keep it short for a little while, and then start the process to grow it out. Awful. I feel like my hair looks gross in the in-between stage. I’m sure it really doesn’t look all that terrible, but that is just my opinion while I’m in the process of growing it back out. Thankfully, right now my hair is in the ‘nice and long’ phase and it is wonderful! I can do so much with it. Curl it, pull it back, there are endless updo options, I can braid it, and the list goes on and on and on. I love having long hair, but…


It seems like everyone from friends to celebrities to favorite bloggers are making the chop and I want to join the party! But do I? Yes I do. But right now? No not right now. Am I sure? Yes, keep it long just a little bit longer. But short looks so cute! But… long! It seems like I have this same silly conversation in my head every day.

I have gone through the long-to-short hair cycle a few times, and I love getting to donate my hair to Locks of Love (I’ve actually donated my hair 4 times in the last 8 years!), but I don’t think that I am quite ready for make the big cut quite yet. So until that time comes, I can just look at lots of long bob inspiration while playing with my currently long locks. Cue the Pinterest hairspiration:

short hair

But seriously though. All these women are rocking the long bob. My hair never seems to do the choppy look like AnnaSophia Robb (bottom middle) or Emily Schuman (one of my favorite bloggers at Cupcakes & Cashmere, top right), but I think that the look Alison Brie (bottom right) has going on is just up my alley. Short, playful, lots of movement, oh I need to look away before I make a hair appointment!

I am trying to keep my hair at the longer length until at least the spring (for what reason? I really have no idea) but who knows… I might just break down and show up to work one day with a good majority of my hair not there! I guess we’ll see how long I can hold out!

3 thoughts on “Short Hair, Please

  1. Oh goodness, I’m the same way. I go through long periods where I grow it suuuuper long (for me, anyway!), then chop it off to chin-length and start the whole thing all over again. I’ve never had one “main” hairstyle; I just grow it until I’m tired of it, then go back to the beginning.

    I’m in the long bob phase right now myself, and I’ve decided this is my favorite look! Though my hair is really wavy/frizzy/curly, it seems more manageable and purposeful when it’s shorter. When it gets too long, it’s just a scraggly mess. Need to remember that!

  2. You have read my mind completely with this post! I have had long hair for the last 7 years probably but I have been seeing short hairstyles all over the place and I really want to do it for fall/winter! My hair appointment is booked for Saturday but I am still undecided haha

    Jaclyn xx

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