20 Blog Post Ideas (To Get You Out of a Rut)

Have you ever sat down at your computer, ready to write a killer blog post, and then….. nothing happens? That doesn’t just happen to me? Oh, good. I hate that feeling of a mental block when it seems I have nothing good to say at all. Nothing interesting. Nothing hilarious. Just nothing at all. And to make it worse, I don’t even have any back-up posts ready and waiting in the wings. Bummer.

I have been planning my blog posts in advance for a while now, and I’ve come up with a system that has been working REALLY well for me (I’m sure I’ll post about it at some point in the future. It’s part of my master plan, anyway!)

I was looking through all the posts I wanted to write/posts I’ve written and decided that I should share some of my post ideas with the world! Hopefully you can use one or two (or all 20!) to help get you out of a writing rut some day. (Also how hilarious is this stock photo? I just couldn’t not use it! Who puts a pineapple in the middle of grass?)

blog ideas

List of your favorite blog post ideas

Discuss a book you recently read and enjoyed

Discuss a book you recently read and didn’t really enjoy

Give a list of books you want to read

Share a list of links you enjoy from around the internet

Share some goals you have for the week/month/year

Give an update on how you’re doing with your goals

Spotlight one of your favorite places around town

Try someplace new and review it

Tell us your favorite flower and what that says about you

Do an ‘about me’ post

Make a playlist from one of your favorite artists

Make a playlist of songs for an activity (spring cleaning, roadtrip, running, etc)

Showcase a craft you did (good or bad!)

Try out a new recipe and share the outcome

Share one of your very favorite recipes

Make a collection of your favorite pins/inspirations from Pinterest

Share your blogroll- what blogs do you read most often?

A day in your life- show us what you do!

Share your favorite coffee shops/restaurants/ice cream shops/whatever in your town

Hopefully these will give you a little bit of inspiration and maybe give you an idea or two of something new to write about. I plan on doing a few more of these over the next couple of months- so get ready, more ideas will be coming your way later!

blog ideas pin


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