February Goals – Relationships

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new goal! I think that I did moderately well with my January resolution (finances) other than forgetting my lunch at home a few times, and I can’t wait to get started with my resolution for February – relationships. Doesn’t that sound like so much more fun? I think so!

February Resolution

This month, I really want to invest in the relationships in my life. There are a few ways that I think can help make this a success.

Phone calls – simply call people to say hi and see how they’re doing.

Send some mail- Everybody loves getting a nice card in the mail.

Text messages- it is so simple to send a text and tell someone you appreciate them.

Hugs- the simple physical contact can convey so much to another person.

Talking in person/video chat- being able to have face-to-face conversation.

Really my goal this month is to make sure that I appreciate all the special people in my life and that they know how much they mean to me. I want to remember fond memories and even make some new ones. I want to re-kindle an old friendship, or even just let someone that I used to be close with know that I appreciated their friendship. I just want everyone to feel some love!

I invite you to do the same with me this month- pick a few people and focus on them, make them feel appreciated, build up a better relationship, and share the love!

3 thoughts on “February Goals – Relationships

  1. What a great idea! It’s so important to connect with the ones we love while we can, and all of your tips are easy ways to do so. Good luck! I hope at the end of the month you’ve turned it into a habit. 🙂

  2. I love that you are trying to focus on relationships! I’m someone who easily forgets to call/text/email friends and family- so this is a great reminder:)

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