One Lovely Blog Award

You guys! I was nominated for one of those blogger thingys! There are a ton of them out there, but I’m really excited that someone decided to pass one on to me! This is a great way to connect to blogs you read and give a little shout out. I was nominated to do this by Allison over at How to Get Things Done in 10 Ways– her blog is so fun to read and you need to go check it out!

So there are a few rules that go along with this thing:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the icon!
  3. List 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Pick 15 of your favorite blogger friends and nominate them! (Do this by commenting on one of their posts so they know you chose them!)

This sounds kinda like a modern iteration of those chain mail emails… right? Anyway, here are some awesome facts about little ole me!

1- My eyes change color when my mood changes. My eyes are usually hazel, but when I’m sad or stressed, they turn green. True story. (My close friends can always tell when something is wrong by looking at my eyes!)

2- I lived in England for 5 years when I was little! My family moved there when I was 1 and moved back to Texas when I was 6, so unfortunately I don’t remember too much. But we have the pictures to prove I was there!

3- I met my best friend in pre-school and we are still best buddies today (hi, K!) I’ve loved getting to go through life with her- talking on the phone after breakups, getting to be her maid of honor at her wedding, going to visit her in Nebraska- she is the best!

4- I have a strange obsession with Kermit the frog (yet another reason why I’m like Monica on Friends). I don’t know why, but that little guy is just adorable.

5- I did color guard in high school. That meant summers at band camp (everyone else made the joke, you can, too…), weekends at competitions, bus trips with my friends, after school practices, and winter guard, too!

6- I was an RA in college! It was awesome, I got a LOT of good stories out of it (like finding a guy at like 2am with a face covered in glitter… what?!?), and I met most of my best college friends from being an RA.

7- I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! I like my job now and all, but is this what I want do to forever? I literally have no idea. Is it too late to take that career test my guidance counselor offered in 10th grade?

I’ve been reading some really great blogs lately here on WordPress, and I wanted to link to 15 of my favorites! Check them out (and I hope they all do this, too- I can’t wait to learn more about them!)

  1. Dream by Day
  2. Sincerely, Hil
  3. Anchored to Sunshine
  4. Adi in the Life
  5. White Walls & Wanderlust
  6. Rae of Sparkles
  7. Palm Trees & Pelligrino
  8. The Library Lush (extra shout out to LynnDee! We went to college together and lived on the same floor freshman year – if you like books at all you need to check this one out!)
  9. Mallory Can’t Even
  10. Sparkling in Seattle
  11. Ordinary Adventures
  12. My Goodness
  13. Jackietara
  14. Tailored and True
  15. Chic Little Honey

Have a happy Sunday, folks- enjoy what’s left of your weekend!

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