Five for Friday #3


Well hello, Friday, it is sure nice to see you again! What has been on my radar lately, you ask? Well let me share some pretty cool things with you..

1. theSkimm. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most informed person in the world when it comes to news and this daily email definitely helps. Their tagline is “We read. You Skimm.” and that pretty much sums it up. They break down the big news headlines in sassy, easy to digest paragraphs (yes, I said sassy) and you won’t regret seeing it in your inbox each morning. Go sign up for it. Right now.

2. Very Mary Kate. This short video series is an oldie but a goodie in my book. My friend Allison introduced me to VMK during college and it provided so much laughter! The videos follow the (not so) true life events of (a fake, but hilarious) Mary Kate Olsen and all the people that come in and out of her life: Ashley, Bodyguard, Fat Professor, and a lot of pictures of bagels.

3. White pants. Now that it is past Memorial Day and the summer season is here, it is time to bust out the white pants. I just got these bad boys about a month ago and couldn’t wait to wear them! I was pretty positive that I would spill EVERYTHING on myself today simply because I was wearing white, but somehow I didn’t spill a single thing. Go me.


4. Shelock series 3 on Netflix. I watched the latest season when it came on PBS here in the States and LOVED it just as much as the first two seasons (maybe even a little bit more. I mean, how hilarious was the scene from the stag night?!?) and it has finally been released on Netflix for streaming! So that has been occupying my free time/background noise for the last few days. And I am more than ok with that.


5. Cheez-Its. Just the deliciousness of Cheez-Its. Specifically the Cheddar Jack flavor. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Cheez-Its. Thank you and you’re welcome.

(On a totally unrelated side note, my new phone is still working out great! I have a tech-savvy friend who has been giving me some great protips and apps to check out; but it is still a bit overwhelming to have so much technology at my fingertips at all times. But on the plus side… smartphone!)

Have a great weekend everybody!