The Bassoon King (2016 Book Bingo Review)

Celebrity memoirs are so popular right now- and I’ve read quite a few of them. When I saw that Rainn Wilson had written one, I knew that I had to read it. Everybody loves him as Dwight Schrute, the resident goofball who takes life very seriously on The Office, but I really wanted to know more about him. So, taking the spot of A Memoir or Biography of Someone Interesting is The Bassoon King by Rainn Wilson.

This memoir is pretty much just like all the other ones out there, in that Rainn goes through his life, where he was born, a little about his parents, big moments in his life, and also chronicled his rise to fame and just how difficult that road can be. There were quite a few things that really surprised me about his story. He was very honest about a lot of things most people would try to gloss over, and that really made me appreciate him even more.

Some things you will learn in his book: he spent quite a few of his childhood years living in a remote village in Central America. He was a self-proclaimed nerd in his youth (I mean, I could have guessed that, but he was REALLY owning it, so good for him!). He studied acting in college and eventually had some issues with drugs. He is a firm believer in his particular faith and shared what that means in his daily life.

All in all, this was a good one. It had me laughing out loud, it had me shaking my head in a “what were you thinking thank goodness you’re ok/alive” sort of way, and it gave me what I really wanted, some insight into those amazing years at The Office.

book bingo 12

Five for Friday #2


Yay it’s Friday again! This week went by SO fast and I can’t wait for the weekend! I don’t have anything super special planned (does laundry count? Nope.) so hopefully I’ll relax and maybe watch a movie- I’m sure I’ll find something fun to do!

Here are five little things that have caught my attention/been on my mind over the last few weeks- enjoy!

1. Mean Girls. (Need I really say more?!?) This week was the 10th anniversary of the best teen movie of my generation and I have been quoting my favorite lines all week. It has been so fetch. The Huffington Post made a few charts showing things that every Mean Girls fan knows to be true and they are spot on and hilarious.

2. If you don’t know this about me already, I LOVE watching The Office. Love love love. I have no problems watching it over and over, just putting it on for background noise, picking out certain episodes to match my moods, it doesn’t even matter- I always love watching The Office! My friend/brother-from-another-mother Grant posted something on my facebook wall a few weeks ago called the Office Stare Machine and it is AMAZING.  Just type in an emotion and you get a series of clips from The Office that include the characters staring at the camera in that particular way. Give “surprised” a try first- it is my favorite!

the office stare machine

3. I’m finally feel like I’m starting to put the finishing touches on my apartment. There are a few things that I still want to do, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it is coming together. One of the most recent changes that I made was adding a leaning bookshelf in my living room! (Props to my mom and dad for coming over to help me put it together!) Once I get it decorated completely I’ll put up a picture, but here is the one I bought.

International Concepts 5-Tier Leaning Shelf

4. One of my resolutions for 2014 was to read more, and I just finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook- I really enjoyed it! I had actually watched the movie before I read it, which is backwards from what I normally try to do, but I’m kinda glad that was the case for this particular book. It wasn’t hard to follow, but it was more fun picturing Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in my head as the characters were talking and interacting!

5. This mug. That is all.

Gift Boutique Anchors Aweigh Cleat Mug

Who is Craig, Anyway?

I have a little confession to make… Craigslist is kind of a secret obsession for me. I think it is so much fun to laugh at the “best-of” section, read some of the haikus (yes, I do this from time to time…), see what good garage sales are coming up, and look for great bargains on furniture for sale.

Now normally I don’t seriously look for furniture because 1)I normally can’t afford the things that I want, 2)I don’t have the right place or space for the things I like and 3)I have no way to transport these items… Until today. I’ve recently been driving my mom’s minivan, a.k.a. the swagger wagon (thanks to my friend Seth for the awesome name!), and it is perfect for toting around just about anything! And “anything” would just so happen to include the fantastic baker’s rack that I bought today!

Isn’t it fantastic?!? This is my very first Craigslist purchase, and it is awesome. The very best part? It was only $30! (Well technically there was a penny in one of the drawers, so I guess it was only $29.99). Technicality aside, that is such a steal! I need to take a second here and give a shout-out to one of my favorite couples, The Calefs, for letting me borrow Cameron for the afternoon! He was nice enough to come with me to pick it up, make sure that I didn’t get stolen or murdered while at a stranger’s house, and then help me carry it up to my top-floor apartment.

I haven’t quite decided if I want to leave it or paint it, but either way I am loving it! I hope that my roommate loves it too, since it will be a surprise addition to our apartment when she gets home Monday!

Also, on a side note, did you ever wonder who the Craig behind the Craigslist is? I wondered that today and thanks to the internet, I now know the answer! Wikipedia showed me that some guy named Craig Newman started Craigslist in California in 1995. 1995! That seems like it is waaaay too long ago to be true… but if it was on Wikipedia, then obviously it is a fact!