Yes, It’s Another List

Summer is officially here, and with that comes all of the fun activities summer has to offer. It’s hard to pick and choose what to do when you only have a limited amount of “fun” time on your hands (one of the drawbacks to having a job where you work around 50 during the week) and it can be even harder to keep track of all the things that you want to do. What is an easy solution to this problem? Another list! (See, I told you I was mildly obsessed with making lists!)

Summer 2013 Bucket List

I packed my Summer 2013 Bucket List with some things I already have planned (like my trip to Las Vegas next weekend!!), things that will take a lot of dedication (running 100 miles), planning (getting people together to go see the Cards play), and I also threw in some things that are just plain fun and hope to do more than once (I’ll take as much Pineapple Whip as possible, please!)

I plan on printing this out and putting it in a picture frame on my desk so I can cross off all the fun things that I do this summer! What are some of the fun things that you’re wanting to do in the nice, warm weather?