A Midwest Girl in NYC

Recently I went on an amazing weekend trip to New York City! (I’ll have more pictures and stories coming soon, I promise!) I love the city and was so excited to be back! I had been twice before (once on a birthday trip with my mom when I was 13 and another time with the high school marching band when I was 15) but this was my first time being there as an adult and without parental supervision… and it was awesome!

photo (4)

Leaving Chicago- on to NYC!

As I was walking around and taking in all the hustle and bustle that Manhattan has to offer, I made a few observations:

1. You can do anything by yourself and nobody cares! In my current city, I’m normally too self-conscious to do certain things by myself. But in New York City, nobody cares if you are alone! In fact, it seemed like all of the true New Yorkers were alone and preferred it that way. I walked around the city on my own for about half of my trip and I even went to the Empire State Building by myself- and I had a blast!

View from the top!

View from the top!

2. More expensive pizza doesn’t mean better pizza. While there, I had 2 slices of authentic New York Pizza. They were both the same kind (the “white” pizza) but they were from 2 different places. One slice was $1, and the second slice was $3… and they tasted exactly the same. Delicious.

3. New York City in the rain is still amazing. Some people might think that a vacation with lots of rain would be less fun or even ruined, but not me! Everything seemed to shine in the rain and I got a chance to use my cute new umbrella!

4. Even as a tourist, it is extremely easy to point out the tourists. Somebody who is actually waiting for the walking symbol at the crosswalk: definitely a tourist. Somebody who constantly has their camera out to take a picture of everything they see: totally a tourist. Somebody who takes a taxi to avoid the subway system at all costs: absolutely a tourist. Somebody who pauses for 2 minutes to think when asked where is *enter touristy destination here*: also a tourist. And I totally did all of those things.

5. Off Broadway is still awesome. After standing in line (in the rain) for cheap Broadway tickets in Time Square, we decided to see Peter and the Star Catcher. Everyone was RAVING about it and the cheaper price was a definite incentive! But seriously, it was amazing. Hilarious, heart-warming, smart, and answered all the questions you never knew you had about Peter Pan. The show is going to start touring nationally, and you should go see it! (Check the tour cities and dates here!)

photo (7)

6. New York City is definitely not part of the Midwest (duh). As a Midwest girl, I am accustomed to a certain level of friendliness. Making eye contact. Smiling at a stranger. A simple thank you after holding the door open for someone behind me. Actually having people hold the door open for people (mainly a surprised me when the door slammed in my face) behind them. None of this happens in NYC. Get used to it. (Oooh look at that sassy New York attitude sneaking in there! Also something you wouldn’t find in the Midwest.)

7. Bryant Park is adorable/all parks look cooler with giant buildings behind them. On your next trip to the city, be sure you go to Bryant Park. It is small and quaint when compared to other more famous parks (which are still awesome!) but it was probably my favorite. There was a sweet little carousel and they have ping pong tables that you can play on! And yes, the little green spaces look even prettier with large buildings on all sides. That’s just a fact.

photo (2)

8. There are so many places I still need to explore!  Like the Guggenheim. And the Met. And more parks. And Ground Zero. And going back to the Statue of Liberty. And that place in Central Park where Joe and Kathleen met up in the end of You’ve Got Mail (such a good movie… and putting it in my DVD player now). And the Brooklyn Bridge. And Brooklyn. And the list could go on forever.

That’s all for now- I should probably go start planning for my next trip to NYC… whenever that may be!

Who is Craig, Anyway?

I have a little confession to make… Craigslist is kind of a secret obsession for me. I think it is so much fun to laugh at the “best-of” section, read some of the haikus (yes, I do this from time to time…), see what good garage sales are coming up, and look for great bargains on furniture for sale.

Now normally I don’t seriously look for furniture because 1)I normally can’t afford the things that I want, 2)I don’t have the right place or space for the things I like and 3)I have no way to transport these items… Until today. I’ve recently been driving my mom’s minivan, a.k.a. the swagger wagon (thanks to my friend Seth for the awesome name!), and it is perfect for toting around just about anything! And “anything” would just so happen to include the fantastic baker’s rack that I bought today!

Isn’t it fantastic?!? This is my very first Craigslist purchase, and it is awesome. The very best part? It was only $30! (Well technically there was a penny in one of the drawers, so I guess it was only $29.99). Technicality aside, that is such a steal! I need to take a second here and give a shout-out to one of my favorite couples, The Calefs, for letting me borrow Cameron for the afternoon! He was nice enough to come with me to pick it up, make sure that I didn’t get stolen or murdered while at a stranger’s house, and then help me carry it up to my top-floor apartment.

I haven’t quite decided if I want to leave it or paint it, but either way I am loving it! I hope that my roommate loves it too, since it will be a surprise addition to our apartment when she gets home Monday!

Also, on a side note, did you ever wonder who the Craig behind the Craigslist is? I wondered that today and thanks to the internet, I now know the answer! Wikipedia showed me that some guy named Craig Newman started Craigslist in California in 1995. 1995! That seems like it is waaaay too long ago to be true… but if it was on Wikipedia, then obviously it is a fact!