Five For Friday #8


Happy 2015 everybody!!! When did the new year get here? I haven’t written in a super long time, I know. Here are some excuses: I went on 5 trips out of town in 8 weeks (Chicago, Houston, Omaha, Omaha again, and Kansas City), the holidays came out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure I had the flu (I can’t remember the last time I was that sick!), then Christmas was here and then New Years and here we are at another Friday. It’s good to be back.  Here are the top 5 things on my radar this week!


1. Some resolutions that I can totally keep.

In reality though, I do have some resolutions for the year. Eat more vegetables. Explore more of St. Louis. Read the entire Bible this year. Watch less Netflix (the time has come… but I have all year to work on this one so I don’t have to turn off the episode of The Office I have going right now… right?) Make my lunch for work the night before (and don’t count on myself to do it in the morning because I’ll forget that was the plan and I’ll hit snooze and then I’ll get to work and have to order Bread Co. Again. Delicious but EXPENSIVE.)

2. Another resolution is to read more! I already love reading, and I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the choices. I have quite a few books in my apartment that I still need to read, and I love going to the library- just so many choices! I found this list to help me decide what to read this year and I’m excited! I got started on the list over my Christmas break from work and I’ve already knocked three off the list!

3. THIS LETTER COMPLETES MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok maybe not, but I was SO EXCITED when my friend Jen sent this to me today! If you have watched Gilmore Girls, you know how exciting this is. There is an episode where Lorelai writes a letter to Rory that is delivered by Logan (I won’t give anything away here, just watch the series already). We see Rory reading the letter, chuckling, nodding in agreement, and then pondering at the end for a second… but we never knew what was in the letter! Until now!

4. I make a lot of sugar cookies and my go-to recipe has me chill the dough for an hour. I always left the dough in the bowl and stuck the whole thing in fridge, but I’m definitely going to give this technique a try next time. Game changer.

5. I sent out Christmas cards this year! I did it! I might have sent them out the day before Christmas… and I maybe have a few stragglers in my purse waiting for me to go buy stamps… but A for effort, right? I ran across these tips on making last names plural and it was very handy while addressing my envelopes!

Well that is all for now! Today was my first day back at work after the Christmas holiday and it was… umm….. ok to be back… I’d say about 1/4 of my coworkers showed up today so it was nice a quiet. And even though I had a one day workweek, I am so ready for the weekend! I am going to brunch tomorrow with some friends and am already hungry for some yummy breakfast food! Happy new year!

New Year, New Resolutions

2014 is going to be my year. I can already tell. I have made some pretty sweet resolutions to ensure that this is the case. This year I will…

  • Start enjoying yoga (I already do it, but I’m never that happy about it.)
  • Kick my soda habit (Except for when I have my root beer birthday party. Then it is all soda all day.)
  • Have an awesome 26th birthday (Again, root beer birthday party. Bam.)
  • Travel somewhere new (And it needs to be somewhere awesome.)
  • Move out of my parent’s house (Free rent is great, but I need to be closer to work. And not at my parent’s house.)
  • Eat 85% healthy food, 15% cake (Let’s be real, cake is the best.)
  • Floss on the regular (Because who actually remembers to do that. Like, ever…)
  • Stick to my budget (Because I’m a grown-up now and should manage my money like one.)
  • Watch less TV (But does this include Netflix? Maybe? But probably not. I’ll add that in for 2015.)
  • Don’t chop off my hair. Just don’t. (Let’s keep it longer for a while.)
  • Actually use my sewing machine. (And make about 1,000 skirts and things.)
  • Make my bed every day (Again, I’m a grown-up and that is something that grown-ups do. Do grown-ups call themselves “grown-ups” though?)
  • Get fun and funky new glasses (But get my eyes checked first. Important step.)
  • Design my own stationary (And use it to send letters to people, or something like that.)
  • Get a teeny tiny tattoo (Because why not?)
  • Stick to a fitness routine (Become a jogger. Run a 5k. Do pilates. And so on.)
  • Open an Etsy shop (For all my crocheting and (future) sewing creations.)
  • Visit little Grady-pants (AKA #1 nephew. I want to see him again so soon!)
  • Be awesome (Just generally, be awesome.)

All attainable goals, yes? I think so, too. Go 2014.


The Biggest To-Do List of the Year

Happy New Year to everyone! 2012 was pretty legit, but I am so ready for a new year and new adventures and to see all of the wonderful things that 2013 brings my way!

If you know me at all, you know that I am a list girl. I make lists for packing for trips, I make lists for what I need to get done at work during the week, and I make a to-do list almost every single day. I love lists; so obviously I love making New Year’s resolutions which is basically making the biggest to-do list of the entire year. I tried to be crafty and creative while making my resolutions this year, and here is what I came up with!


I’m thinking of putting my resolutions in a frame and hanging it it my office/spare bedroom because I’m not gunna lie, I love the way it came out! Some of my resolutions might seem pretty vague, but they all have a deeper and more specific meaning in my mind. I think I have enough specific resolutions to keep me on track and hopefully I will actually accomplish all of my goals for this new year.

Again, a very happy 2013 to everyone and good luck on making/keeping your resolutions throughout the year!