Five for Friday #18

Hooray hooray we made it to another Friday! And what a great one it is- I’m going to Tulsa today! Not only will I get some good airport appreciation time (I actually have a conference call for work I’ll be listening to while I wait to board) but I will get to spend the long weekend hanging out with my parents. We don’t really have anything special planned, but it will be nice to just hang out at home, spend time quality with my dad, and hopefully see some llamas. Yes, my parents live by some llamas. It’s like a dream come true!

But before I jet out of town, here is what has been on my radar this week!


(1) I got this cutie new planner and it is already rocking my socks off! It comes with a sticker page, lots of room to write, notes pages for every month, and who wouldn’t love that bright cover?!? (They are selling out fast, hurry up and get yours!)

(2) Do you hate trendy slang words or do you think they are totally awesomesauce? Check out this list of some new trendy words that have officially made their way into the Oxford Dictionary.

(3) Someone edited clips from Seinfeld to make a trailer for a Lifetime movie- watch it here!

(4) A friend found these cards and showed them to me- I think that I need them. For sure.

(5) Now that summer is coming to an end, here are some things that you should probably get rid of.

Enjoy your long weekend, everybody! Have lots of fun and stay safe!

Five for Friday #12


I wrote this post a few days ago because I knew that I would be just waaay too busy today to write anything because it is MOVING DAY! Hopefully by the time this posts I will have my moving truck all loaded and might even be on the road! That’s the plan anyway- Dallas here I come!!! I won’t actually get there till tomorrow, but the journey begins today. Oh boy! I was born in Texas and have lived there twice, and even though I haven’t lived there in 18 years, it kind of feels like coming home for me.

Here are some things that have been on my radar this week!

1. Tour of St. Louis via Instagram. I sure will miss St. Louis a lot, and thankfully most of my friends live there so I’m sure I’ll be back to visit regularly!

2. This llama watercolor is so weird but I also think that I need it in my life. It might make an appearance in the gallery wall I’m planning for my new apartment. I’m not even kidding.

3. This article on how small habits can change your life.

4. 33+ Moving Tips Everyone Should Know. Some of these were definitely put into practice!

5. I have 2 free movie tickets that I’ll be using at some point (maybe as a reward for unpacking!) and this graphic is very helpful on how to make the best popcorn.

I’ll give more fun and exciting Dallas updates once I actually get there! Thankfully my mom and dad were available to help and they are going down with me to help get me set up and ready to go. Happy Friday and happy weekend!