Five for Friday #6


Happy happy Friday everyone! This has been a very interesting week with lots and lots of rain. So much rain. I keep forgetting to wear/bring my rain boots to work and it was a horrible decision every day. Work for me was a roller coaster- one day I was super busy, and the next day it was a struggle to find things to keep busy with, and then the day after that was busy and stressful all over again… I am just so glad it is the weekend again! Here are my 5 things to share for the week!

1. Charcoal Face Mask– I tried a new face mask this afternoon and LOVE IT! It is a charcoal and black sugar polishing mask and my face feels amazing! You put it on your face, let it sit for 5 minutes, spend 2 minutes rubbing it in, and then rinse it off. I definitely felt like Bert from Mary Poppins with soot on my face and I also got some in my hair, but oooh my face feels so polished!

2. I stopped at Target on my way home from work today and found the best new jacket! I had been needing a new light jacket for those transition days where it is chilly enough for an extra layer, but not cold enough for an actual coat. This one is perfect and comes in quite a few colors- I got the grey with a little tiny houndstooth print!


3. This video made me laugh out loud. It is just so fun and makes me wish that I lived somewhere where I could hail a cab.

4. United Sweets of America– This map is the best! My state (Missouri) got gooey butter cake. That is absolutely correct. Gooey butter cake is so delicious and more specifically is a St. Louis staple. In fact, a lot of people outside of St. Louis have never even heard of it, let alone tried it. I remember trying to explain it to my college roommate freshman year and she just didn’t understand. So sad.


5. Speaking of gooey butter cake… you should try this recipe for gooey butter cookies. I have made these multiple times and they are always a hit! It has the same great taste as the gooey butter cake we all know and love, but in a portable, hand-held cookie. And it uses a box of cake mix as the base of the recipe- it doesn’t get much easier than that!