Gilmore Girls Revival: My Thoughts

By this point in time, I’m going to assume that you have already seen the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life special episodes on Netflix. Or maybe you live under a rock. Or maybe you have no interest in Gilmore Girls, which in that case you need to make better life choices. Just kidding (kind of… it’s just so good!) BUT if you were going to watch it, then most likely you’ve seen the Netflix episodes at least once by now (they came out the day after Thanksgiving.)

As a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan, I had been waiting for these episodes for YEARS and was so excited when they were announced! I was visiting my parents when they came out after Thanksgiving, so I waited a few days to finally watch them and I definitely had… somewhat mixed feelings.

But, even though there were some parts that I REALLY REALLY REALLY did not like… I was so happy with it overall. I wrote down some of my thoughts while I was watching the 4 episodes and wanted to share them! (Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!)



  • The voice intro is kinda trippy… but I kinda really like it.
  • Yay! Hitting us with the “la la”s right away- this feels right.
  • Rory’s voice sounds different… but I can’t figure out how…
  • Rory didn’t tell Lane she was coming into town?!? Really?
  • Kirk has a pet pig. That makes sense.
  • What went wrong that the troubadour is STILL playing in Stars Hollow? (he still sounds great, tho!)
  • I was hoping the singing Rabbi would still be at their house!
  • Are we supposed to believe that Rory actually found success as a journalist? Really?
  • Rory tap dancing is probably the weirdest thing ever. Like, ever.
  • “And then I broke a hip.” Classic Lorelai wit – been missing that!
  • Emily looks amazing!
  • Richard’s painting is HUGE!!!
  • The funeral stuff was sad, but very well done, in my opinion.
  • Jason what whaaaaaaaat?!?! I love his little cameo!
  • Classic Emily and Lorelai fighting… oof that one was rough.
  • Paris is in NYC too??! Show us Paris, ASAP!
  • Oh Paris is SO very much “Paris” and this is amazing.
  • Wait… why is Rory kissing Logan?!?!?! Oh, that’s why…
  • So Rory is kinda terrible, huh…?
  • Rory got a HUGE cup for coffee and poured like ZERO coffee in there. Come on.
  • Taylor is still great!
  • Ooooh troubadour townie drama! This is what I’ve waited for!
  • No Paris and Doyle nooooo stay together forever!
  • Ummmmm why is Rory’s phone SO MASSIVE? Is that an actual phone? Why would anybody have that?
  • Emily in JEANS! I don’t know how to feel about this!
  • Oh good, therapy should be fun.



  • Fashion note – I love Lorelai’s navy cardigan in therapy.. super cute.
  • I love the international food fest! Fits perfectly in with the town we know and love.
  • Basket bidding! But can I just say that having the basket maker standing up with their basket during the bidding goes against the ENTIRE PREMISE of the basket bidding event we first saw in season 2? But really. It’s against the rules, I’m sure of it.
  • WAIT MR. KIM WHAT WHO WHY? I would have loved it more if they just waved and DIDN’T show who it was – but I get it, they were going for a joke.
  • So… why was Mitchum just stopping by their lunch in London?
  • Oh wait, Logan is ENGAGED? Ok, so they’re both kinda terrible, huh…?
  • Richard left all this money for Luke to franchise… did he leave anything for Lorelai?
  • It seems like Rory and Paris are the ONLY two alums at Chilton…right? And who is this fake Tristan? Why would they use a FAKE dude?
  • Go away Francie. We still don’t like you.
  • Jason Mantzoukas being on the show is GREAT! I don’t love him all the time, but he is a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan in real life, so this was a dream come true for him! (Seriously!)
  • I know that Sandy is the girl from Bunheads, but she also really reminds me of the RA from Rory’s first day at Yale… right?!?
  • Rory moves home!



  • Umm why is Rory wearing long sleeves to a pool and how is she not dripping in sweat?
  • April talking about SCIENCE!
  • How has Rory’s room not changed at all? Didn’t they make her room into Gigi’s at one point?
  • The Thirty-Something Gang cracks me up. I’m glad we don’t see a lot of them, tho.
  • Game of Thrones reference – I’d been waiting for one.
  • Wow, that is so convenient that Rory is home just in time to take over the Stars Hollow Gazette…
  • Oh hi, Sutton Foster!
  • The secret bar is awesome – such teamwork! And I guess another way to give Lane 4 seconds of screen time.
  • Sad, Michele don’t leave! (Lorelai’s hair looks amazing, btw!)
  • Well this musical is… interesting… but Lorelai’s facial reactions are the star here.
  • “Look I’m rappin’, just like Hamilton!” Hahahahaha
  • Uh oh fight in the cemetary.. Uh oh fight in the diner!
  • Lorelai crying will make me cry every single time. So yes, I cried here.
  • Lorelai going into nature is not super believable to me… but let’s see where it goes.



  • So there is just never going to be a theme song, huh? You’d think it would be the Carole King song where she sings “Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall” but I guess not.
  • Yes, Lorelai at a motel eating her food is what I pictured her “camping” to look like.
  • Aww yay, it’s the guy from Parenthood!
  • Life and death brigade weird fever dream sequence is literally the worst thing I’ve forced my eyes to look at. All of it is bad. All of it. Rory’s terrible dancing. The steampunk outfits. THE FACT THAT THEY USED THE SONG FROM ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. You couldn’t find a different cover? Come on, ASP.
  • But Finn looks like a very convincing pirate. And I’m glad that Colin was there, too. And Robert, I guess.
  • Yeah, leave now Logan bye bye now.
  • Yay the other guy from Parenthood (aka Lauren Graham’s real life boyfriend!)
  • Of course Rory is going to write her book in Richard’s study! Perfect! (Until Emily sells the house… then what?)
  • Yay, glad they finally brought out some pop tarts.
  • MISS CELINE! She really was the best! And how is she still alive?
  • Again, why does Rory have the biggest phone known to man?
  • Rory doing a Jack Bauer voice is the BEST!
  • CHRISTOPHER! What a sad way to end it with him.
  • I love how Lorelai asking for money to expand the inn exactly matches how she asked for money in the pilot.
  • Oh there’s Dean – I wondered when we would see him. I like that you can tell they’ve kept in touch somewhat. That’s nice.
  • Emily working at the museum and her whole new Nantucket life was just so wonderful – it’s making me a little emotional just thinking about it now!
  • Sam Phillip’s “Reflecting Light” playing made me lose it – oh my goodness they couldn’t have picked a better song for that moment!
  • The ending…… the final four words… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? I get it. I don’t hate it. It would have had more of an impact if it happened when the show first ended, but now we know!

So what did you think of the revival? Did you have any of the same thoughts that I did? Again, I really liked it overall and was so happy to have a little more Gilmore in my life. I thought the acting was astounding, all the characters seemed to pick right back up seamlessly, and the cameos were all pretty fun. (But man there were a lot of them!) What was YOUR favorite or least favorite part?


A Random Observation…

I just have a very random observation to share today… but first let me back up a bit.

I’ve been slowly re-watching Gilmore Girls because 1)it’s amazing and 2)why not and 3)I’ve got to get geared up for the revival and right now I’m in season 7, specifically the episodes where Marty is back and being a dummy. SUCH a dummy.

Two weekends ago I had some friends in town visiting and we went to see one of our favorite bands, the Turnpike Troubadours, in concert. They’re so good live (and not live, too!) and the lead singer is country boy dreamy to the max.

With those two things in mind, I realized that the lead singer from Turnpike Troubadours and the guy who plays Marty are DEFINITELY THE SAME PERSON. I mean, I know they’re not, but…. come on… just look at them.

same person

So I have some theories.

  • Wayne (who played Marty) left Gilmore Girls to start a band. In Oklahoma.
  • Evan (from Turnpike) will make an appearance on the Gilmore Girls revival and play them a song. As Marty.
  • They are twins separated at birth. Or at least like, cousins.
  • Wayne is pretending to be a cowboy for an in-depth documentary or performance piece that will be shows at a film festival in 2023.
  • They are just two strangers who happen to look alike and if they meet the world would get confused and a black hole would start on that very spot.

I know there are lots of other celebrities out there that look WAY too much alike to not notice… but this one was fresh in my mind. Has anybody else noticed this one before?!?

Anyway, I hope that you have a fantastic weekend and find something fun to do! I don’t have any fantastic plans yet, but I know I’ll find something! See ya!



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Five for Friday #17

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Happy happy happy happy happy Friday! I’m so glad this week is over. It has honestly been kind of exhausting. But this weekend should be nice and refreshing- I’m going with my family to a wedding tomorrow! It will be great to spend time with my parents on the car ride down and it will be fun to see an old family friend get married! But until then… here’s what been on my radar lately!


1. I love this little cabinet! I don’t know where I would put it in my apartment or what exactly I would put inside… but I would figure it out. So cute.


2. Gilmore Girls reunion at ATX. I know this happened weeks ago, but it was just SO GOOD! The Gilmore Guys podcast recently posted a wrap-up of the event and they got to talk with SO MANY cast members! Watch the entire reunion panel here!

3. What presidential candidates were doing in their 20s. Yes a lot of them went to law school and had early exposure to politics, but one worked with horses for a long time.

4. Stories behind the movie Clueless. Since I just watched this movie for the first time in the last 6 months, I had a lot of fun reading these!

5. I think of this picture often when Friday rolls around. Weekend!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Five for Friday #9


TGIF! The weekend is HERE! This has been a really exciting week in Kelly-land, but I’m really excited for the weekend! Tonight I’m going out to dinner with some friends for my birthday which should be really fun, and I have some other very exciting weekend plans….. I am doing laundry! I know. I’m so wild and crazy. But laundry means that I’ll get to see my parents, and I always like that.

1. I just got this tote from Target last week and I already love it. I needed a new big bag to use as a big carry-all for when I fly. I have a fun trip coming up in April and I’m trying to think ahead. I have already used this bag twice this week and it is working out great!

2. This mug is everything. I got it for Christmas and have been using it all the time at work and at home. My mom knows me so well.

3. Last year some friends got me started listening to podcasts and they are the best. They make my commute to and from work much more fun and hilarious a the Gilmore Guys podcast is my new favorite. One guy is a super fan, one guy has never seen the show before, and they just talk about the show one episode at a time. Fun for a major fan like me!

4. Last year, one of the concerts I went to had Vance Joy as one of the opening acts. His popular song of the moment is called “Riptide” and I think it’s a really fun song. Even more fun, Taylor Swift singing it. Enjoy.

5. I’ve been working on a project at work with the other editors for… what seems like forever. It’s really only been 2 months. But we have been working REALLY hard and so as a treat one Friday, we all pitched in a few dollars and had pizza for lunch. It lifted our spirits and now pizza Friday is a permanent thing. And it’s my favorite.

Enjoy your weekend, I know I’ll be enjoying mine! Happy (pizza) Friday!

Five For Friday #8


Happy 2015 everybody!!! When did the new year get here? I haven’t written in a super long time, I know. Here are some excuses: I went on 5 trips out of town in 8 weeks (Chicago, Houston, Omaha, Omaha again, and Kansas City), the holidays came out of nowhere, I’m pretty sure I had the flu (I can’t remember the last time I was that sick!), then Christmas was here and then New Years and here we are at another Friday. It’s good to be back.  Here are the top 5 things on my radar this week!


1. Some resolutions that I can totally keep.

In reality though, I do have some resolutions for the year. Eat more vegetables. Explore more of St. Louis. Read the entire Bible this year. Watch less Netflix (the time has come… but I have all year to work on this one so I don’t have to turn off the episode of The Office I have going right now… right?) Make my lunch for work the night before (and don’t count on myself to do it in the morning because I’ll forget that was the plan and I’ll hit snooze and then I’ll get to work and have to order Bread Co. Again. Delicious but EXPENSIVE.)

2. Another resolution is to read more! I already love reading, and I sometimes get overwhelmed with all the choices. I have quite a few books in my apartment that I still need to read, and I love going to the library- just so many choices! I found this list to help me decide what to read this year and I’m excited! I got started on the list over my Christmas break from work and I’ve already knocked three off the list!

3. THIS LETTER COMPLETES MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok maybe not, but I was SO EXCITED when my friend Jen sent this to me today! If you have watched Gilmore Girls, you know how exciting this is. There is an episode where Lorelai writes a letter to Rory that is delivered by Logan (I won’t give anything away here, just watch the series already). We see Rory reading the letter, chuckling, nodding in agreement, and then pondering at the end for a second… but we never knew what was in the letter! Until now!

4. I make a lot of sugar cookies and my go-to recipe has me chill the dough for an hour. I always left the dough in the bowl and stuck the whole thing in fridge, but I’m definitely going to give this technique a try next time. Game changer.

5. I sent out Christmas cards this year! I did it! I might have sent them out the day before Christmas… and I maybe have a few stragglers in my purse waiting for me to go buy stamps… but A for effort, right? I ran across these tips on making last names plural and it was very handy while addressing my envelopes!

Well that is all for now! Today was my first day back at work after the Christmas holiday and it was… umm….. ok to be back… I’d say about 1/4 of my coworkers showed up today so it was nice a quiet. And even though I had a one day workweek, I am so ready for the weekend! I am going to brunch tomorrow with some friends and am already hungry for some yummy breakfast food! Happy new year!