This Pie is my New Favorite Food!

I was so happy when my college friend Arie moved to Dallas a few weeks ago because 1) she is amazing and I missed her, 2) since she is new I can show her all my favorite places in town, and 3) she is always up for having fun and trying fun new things!

After the world’s worst brunch in Trinity Groves last weekend, we decided that the only way to salvage the morning was to go on a little adventure! Our first stop was the Continental Avenue Bridge- a pedestrian bridge close to downtown Dallas.


I had always wanted to go on this pedestrian bridge and I’m so glad I can check it off my Dallas list. I mean, look at that awesome view of downtown!


If you look close enough, you can see my ugly office building. Don’t strain your eyes, it’s really not worth looking at.

It was so hot outside that we didn’t even make it all the way across- we had to turn around and head back. We weren’t done having fun together and we really needed to make up for the terrible food we ate, so we headed down to the Bishop Arts district for some delicious pie!


Emporium Pies was another place I’d always wanted to go, and I’m so glad that I got to enjoy it for the first time with my friend! The pie was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I got a slice of the Cloud Nine, which was delicious layers of caramel, butterscotch custard, and brown-sugar meringue. My taste buds died and went to heaven.


I am a little bit obsessed with that pie tho… And how cute is their floral menu?!? We walked around Bishop Arts a little bit more and finally headed back home.

I had so much fun – the more I explore, the more I really love living in Dallas!



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Guide to Downtown Dallas: Where to Eat

Hands down, one of my favorite things about Dallas is the downtown area. I love that it feels… approachable. Manageable. I’m not sure how to put it into words, but I love that there are big buildings, but they are spread out enough that you don’t feel too boxed in. It gives just the right about of “big city” feel without making you feel grimy. I’m so glad that I get to work there and be a part of it every day!

I’ve be-bopped around downtown enough in the last year to have a few favorite spots, and I wanted to create a little guide to share! Today I’ll be focusing on yummy places to eat, but I’ll also be sharing my favorite things to do and see downtown later.

map- eat

  1. Hoffbrau Steaks – This is a great place for comfort food. They have amazing lunch specials and you get warm bread as soon as you sit down, which is honestly 80% of why I keep going back here. (That and the food is really good!!!) My recommendation: get anything that comes with mashed potatoes and gravy- they are great!
  2. Fluellen Cupcakes – This place has DELICIOUS cupcakes, as I’m sure you guessed from the name. They’re a bit expensive, but perfect to share. My recommendation: the cookies n cream cupcake. (Oreo cookie buttercream frosting? Yes, please!)
  3. Chop House Burger – Best burger downtown. No contest. They have some fun recipes to choose from, and their milkshakes are the bomb. The burgers are pretty big, so I usually try and split one and get my own side of fries. My recommendation: the Wine Country Burger.
  4. Cafe Strada – This is the little stand I go to when I want delicious gelato. They have ice cream cone chairs (!!!!!!!) and you can sit and look at the giant eye ball sculpture on the lawn nextdoor. My recommendation: literally any flavor of gelato. Or all of them. 🙂
  5. Press Box Grill – A good go-to for very casual eating and atmosphere. I came here by default once when the actual restaurant we wanted to go to was busy, and it ended up being pretty good! My recommendation: an order of the southwest egg rolls.
  6. Wild Salsa – This place has good chips and salsa, y’all. The food is pretty decent, too. I got here often with my little lunch group, and I usually get the same thing (and it’s always so good!!) My recommendation: Chicken Tinga quesadilla and a frozen ‘rita de casa.
  7. The Hospitality Sweet – This might actually be my favorite place downtown. It’s just SO ADORABLE! And smells so great (I mean, can you beat that cake smell? Nope!) I’ve had lunch here and I’ve just come to get macarons. Really you can’t go wrong. My recommendation: get the creamy chicken salad sandwich with a Texas scone for dessert (it’s like a churro cheesecake brownie bar and I’m pretty sure it’s the official dessert of Heaven.)
  8. Carmine’s Pizzeria – It might not be the best or the healthiest option, but MAN their pizza is huge and delicious!! It’s New York style, so one slice is more than enough to fill me up! My recommendation: a slice of their spinach alfredo pizza.
  9. Food trucks in Klyde Warren Park – There are usually 7 or 8 food trucks that pull up to the park every day, and there is a wide variety of foods to eat! My recommendation: If Ruthie’s is there, get The Boss (grilled cheese with bbq brisket and sharp cheddar on sourdough. Yum.)

Ok, I am getting SERIOUSLY hungry just thinking about all that delicious food.. Are you drooling, too?!? I’m going to have to go to all these places again soon because I know I’ll be craving them for a while!


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101 in 1001 Update (Almost Done!)

Oh. Guys. The struggle is real. Look at all the things I still have to do!!!! I’ve already come to terms with the fact that some of these will just not happen (like the 365 project where you take one picture every day for a year. Uhhhh that time has passed. And let’s be real, running 100 miles in one month is just not going to happen. Nope.) I did knock a few more items off my list, so that’s good, right?

Before the list shows up, did you notice the black bar across the page? Look at it, I added a new page! Now I can update my list in real time! Ok, let’s have a look and what I still need to do in the next few months…

Start Date: June 7, 2013         End Date: March 4, 2016

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Get a big girl job (started working for SSE 9/2013)
  3. Go to a concert (Relient K 7/2013, Ben Rector 10/2013, The Avett Brothers 2/2014, Nickel Creek 8/2014, Mae 5/2015)
  4. Watch 10 “classic” movies (1. Sunset Boulevard 3/2014, 2. Funny Face 7/2014, 3. Rear Window 5/2014,  4. Annie Hall 11/2014, 5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s 3/2015, 6. An Affair to Remember 5/2015, 7. A Star Is Born (1937) 6/2015, 8. How to Steal a Million 7/2015, 9. Love Story 8/2015, 10. Roman Holiday 9/2015)
  5. Go on a picnic
  6. Read 100 books
  7. Run a half marathon
  8. Dye my hair
  9. See a drive-in move
  10. Go to Las Vegas
  11. Go on vacation to an ocean
  12. Get a massage
  13. Start an Etsy shop
  14. Blog every day for 1 month
  15. Read the entire Bible
  16. Crochet 5 new things (1. Chevron baby blanket for my nephew, 2. baby hats, 3. ear warmers 4. diagonal stripe baby blanket)
  17. Teach myself to sew
  18. Take a ballroom dance class
  19. Go through my closet and get rid of old clothes
  20. Send out Christmas cards 
  21. See a musical (Phantom of the Opera at the Fox Theater, 3/12/15)
  22. Put $10 in savings for every goal accomplished
  23. Write a book
  24. Get a new (bigger) bed
  25. Visit Chicago (October 2014) 
  26. Send 20 “just because” cards
  27. Complete a 365 project (it’s kind of too late for this one at this point… oops…)
  28. Learn to drive a stick shift
  29. Inspire someone to make their own “101 in 1001” list
  30. Try funnel cake
  31. Organize pictures on my computer
  32. Organize my itunes
  33. Reach my goal weight
  34. Bake a pie from scratch
  35. Go 1 week without hitting snooze
  36. Go to the farmer’s market
  37. Invest in 5 coffee table books
  38. Learn to tie a tie
  39. Run 100 miles in 1 month
  40. Find the perfect LBD
  41. Go to a corn maze
  42. Make 30 recipes from cookbooks I already own
  43. Make the perfect work space
  44. Make a new friend
  45. Do 25 random acts of kindness
  46. Make a list of contacts and birthdays
  47. Host a dinner party
  48. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet
  49. Be in bed every night by 10 for a week
  50. Finish re-arranging and decorating my apartment
  51. Make a piece of art for my apartment
  52. Go to a new museum
  53. Make macaroons
  54. Get a Brentwood library card
  55. Get a pet
  56. Donate my hair to Locks of Love again
  57. Try hot yoga
  58. Make a St. Louis bucket list
  59. Complete my St. Louis bucket list
  60. Take a cooking or baking class
  61. Create a gallery wall
  62. Design my own stationary
  63. Be able to do the splits again
  64. Finish Couch t0 5K app again
  65. Run a sub 30:00 5K
  66. Eat clean for 1 month (no cheats!) (Whole 30, May 2015)
  67. Read and get rid of my old magazines
  68. Build a snowman
  69. Make a birthday cake for someone
  70. Take a vacation out of the country
  71. Have dinner by candlelight
  72. Make a book of my favorite family recipes
  73. Make a photo book for 2013
  74. Make a photo book for 2014
  75. Make a photo book for 2015
  76. Watch an awesome fireworks show (Kaboomtown 2015!)
  77. Get a new TV
  78. Memorize 5 new songs on the piano
  79. Volunteer for a charity
  80. Teach something to someone (like crocheting!!)
  81. Visit Sarah and Jared in Houston
  82. Make a baby blanket for baby W 
  83. Listen to every song in my itunes at least once
  84. Try Geocaching
  85. Plant my own peonies
  86. Go to the ballet
  87. Send flowers to someone for no reason
  88. Go boating on the lake
  89. Make a full course dinner for someone
  90. Throw a surprise party for someone
  91. Spend an afternoon reading in the park
  92. Watch the sunrise ans sunset in the same day
  93. Bake a cake from scratch 
  94. Go on a road trip
  95. Go fruit picking
  96. Go shooting
  97. Invest in a good handbag
  98. Complete the 30 day shred
  99. Go to an amusement park
  100. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  101. Go to the top of the St. Louis arch


Jen Does Dallas! (Weekend Wrap-Up 3/3)

—– Sunday —–

Sunday was short and sweet and still very fun! We ate breakfast at a local donut shop and it was so delicious. The shop is only a few blocks away which is awesome and awful at the same time (awesome because it is seriously so yummy and cheap, and awful because I’m always tempted to stop by and get one with lots of sprinkles on my way to work!) We each got a donut with sprinkles, I got one with cinnamon sugar, and Jen tried their cinnamon roll. I’m totally going to get the cinnamon roll next time because it was so good.

After we got all of Jen’s things packed up and loaded in the car (she only brought one half-filled suitcase so it didn’t take too long) we hung around the apartment for a bit and then headed out to Torchy’s Tacos for an early lunch. Jen got to try some street corn and got to eat a fried avocado taco (they are seriously so good!)

We did a big loop on our way to the airport so we could stop at the J.Crew Mercantile store! It’s the first one in the country and had only been open for 3 days at that point! It was fun to look around and try some things on and see what the store was like (it’s just like a Factory store, but not in an outlet setting!)

That was all the weekend fun we had time for- come back, Jen! My department at work is hiring and I am totally trying to convince her and her boyfriend to move down here. I’m half joking, half totally serious about that… I also forgot to really take pictures on Sunday, so enjoy this picture of the welcome sign I made! (That used to be a giant mirror and I slapped some chalkboard paint on that bad boy!)


Jen Does Dallas! (Weekend Wrap-Up 1/3)

This past weekend was SO INCREDIBLY FUN! One of my very favorite people (hi, Jen!) came down to visit me in Dallas and we had a blast!! This was the first time anyone has come to visit me (besides my family) since I moved and it was so refreshing to have a familiar face around- I really appreciated having her here a lot. What super fun things did we do? Let me tell you all about it! (I’ve decided to break up our weekend because I have a lot to share and that would honestly be the longest post known to man.)

—– Friday —–

I picked Jen up from the airport (I should have had a big sign and a chauffer’s hat! Hindsight…) and we dropped her stuff off at my apartment right away. After a quick tour (quick because my apartment is so tiny) we went to In-N-Out Burger for lunch and it was delicious! Plus, I had a coupon for a free burger so that made it even better!

After demolishing our burgers and milkshakes, we went up to Ikea to walk around. Jen had never been to one before and she needed to know what all the fuss was about (she is now all about that fuss, too.) After getting caught in some traffic, we went to Taco Diner for dinner and had our queso blanco, a yummy drink called the Mambo Taxi, and some delicious Mexican food. I had a fried avocado taco and it was a little bit life-changing.

We then went back to my apartment, got into our jammies, and spent the evening coloring, watching New Girl, and eating my homemade ice cream!

20150725_201501 20150724_131245 20150724_131419 20150724_173138