Best. Frosting. Ever.


Yes I do see the irony in posting a frosting recipe right after I posted about eating healthy and doing the Whole30. But seriously. I am not even kidding you right now. This is the best frosting I’ve had in my whole entire life. (And I’ve had a lot of frosting, my friends.)

This is my go-to frosting for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and even just to put on graham crackers when I want a sweet treat but don’t feel like doing any actual baking. This stuff is so good and delicious and one time at my 22nd birthday party my friend liked this frosting so much she ate too many treats and went into a sugar coma. (Really she just said she was going to take a nap at like 8pm and then slept for 12 hours, but same thing.) It. Is. So. Good. It has a nice almond flavor to it- oh you’re going to love it!

recipeIt’s that easy! You should probably go make this frosting right now! It is SUPER easy to make a double batch (I usually do, just so I have plenty of frosting to work with!), and is pretty easy to spread on all your baked goodies! This frosting also makes a delicious breakfast item when on a birthday cake. Everyone knows cake is best for breakfast. I made this four-layer chocolate cake with this delicious almond frosting for a roommate’s birthday cake and we ate it for breakfast for like, a solid week. No joke. Also no regrets, it was so delicious. We still talk fondly about this cake to this day. (And yes, I did use a cutting board as a serving platter. Whatev.)


Now that I have this recipe on my brain, I want to find an excuse to make it and eat it all myself share the deliciousness! I’m going to a BBQ at a co-worker’s house this weekend- I should probably make and bring cupcakes, right?!? I thought so, too.