Blanket for a Baby BOY!

Today is exciting for two reasons. The first reason- it is my mom’s 60th birthday!! Happy birthday, Mom! The second reason- my brand new nephew is 11 days old! Hooray!!

My sister and her husband had another baby on January 1st and I couldn’t be more excited! Just like with their first child, they decided not to find out the gender beforehand, which in my mind made the birth all the more exciting! And now I have TWO nephews!!! I haven’t been able to go down and see him yet, but he just looks so squishy and adorable!

I wanted to make a baby blanket for the new baby (I made one for my first nephew, Grady, when he was born) but not knowing the gender, I wasn’t sure what colors to use. I ended up going with a navy, green, and cream color scheme and I LOVE the way they look together! I wish that the lighting would have been better, because the pictures I took make the colors look dull and drab and not as beautiful.


This blanket was so easy to make, and it didn’t take long at all! I would just grab my yarn and work on it while watching a movie and crochet the night away. I finished the blanket after Christmas so it would be ready as soon as the baby was born! (I didn’t finish my first nephew’s blanket until he was 3 weeks old. However, in my defense, he was born 3 weeks early, so I totally would have finished it on time otherwise.)


I used THIS PATTERN for the blanket itself (very easy to follow!), and I used THIS PATTERN to piece all of the granny squares together. If you love to crochet you should definitely give this pattern a whirl!

I can’t wait to go visit my sweet new nephew (and the other, also very sweet one! And my sister!) and wrap him up in his blanket!