Recent Reads

It’s time for the next installment of what I’ve been reading lately! I feel like my recreational reading has slowed down a bit as things have changed at work. My job has… shifted… a bit and I’m doing a LOT more editing now than I was before. Because I sit and read all day, I don’t necessarily want to read more when I get home. Does that make sense? Anyway, I still at least read on my morning bus ride to work, and here are the books I’ve finished recently!


Peter and the Starcatchers – Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan became Peter Pan? How is he able to fly? Where did he come from? How does he know the lost boys? Where does Captain Hook come into play? Well then, have I got a book for you! Yes, this is technically a children’s book, but since when has that stopped me? This book was turned into a Broadway play (which I saw when I was in New York a few years ago) and it is fantastic!

Crazy Love – I have actually read this book before… it was probably 4 years ago and it was seriously calling my name from my bookshelf! I’m glad that I picked it up and read it again- this book is AWESOME! It made me think about my faith, REALLY think about it, and make some realizations about how I live my life every day. Go get it now!

It Starts With Food – A very informative read if you are thinking about doing the Whole30 or just curious about the effects that different foods can have on your body. They do a great job of explaining all the complicated science in an easy-to-understand way. Plus there are a few delish recipes in there, too!

Enchantment: The Life of Audrey Hepburn – A great read if you have always loved Audrey, if you’ve seen any of her films, or even if you just want to hear about an extraordinary life. Man did she have some hardships, but she was also a kind, caring, and compassionate person. It made me want to also find my passion (hers was not acting!) and be a better person.

Dark Places – Yeah. No. No no nope. Nope. I knew that a movie version of the book was coming out this year, so I wanted to read the book first to see if I wanted to see the movie. Ummmmm no. I can say with 100% certainty that I will not be seeing this movie. Nope. The book was a bit too intense for me at times, I’ll be honest. The whole book was a giant build up and then it had an underwhelming resolution in the last few pages. Meh.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – More magic, more awesomeness, more fun. It’s interesting going back now and re-reading all of these now that I know how it all ends. Like Snape- it’s interesting seeing how he acts and trying to piece together how he plays into everything as the story progresses. Oh Snape…

I am really excited about the next few books that I have lined up to read! I can’t wait to share them once I finish reading!