Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guess what? It’s almost the ‘fall’ season! It definitely doesn’t feel like it here in Dallas (temps are still hovering at 100 degrees every day… yeesh) but according to my capsule wardrobe schedule, it is time to swap out my summer clothes for more transitional pieces. I went through my closet and chose my items that I’ll be wearing for the next 3 months!

fall capsule

A few notes:

  • Because it is still SO INCREDIBLY HOT here, I am keeping out a pair of shorts, a few t-shirts, and my sandals. I just don’t want to limit myself, you know? Thankfully though, my office is always freezing and so is the bus I take to and from work, so I’ll be able to wear all of these items to work pretty much right away. (I have been wearing pants and cardigans all summer without a problem, anyway.)
  • I also bumped up my number of items to 40. I used those extra spots for 2 extra pairs of shoes and an extra top.
  • It was impossible to find all of the EXACT items that I have in my closet online, so I found ones that are extremely similar. Like the black dress- I have one that is SO SIMILAR and also from Target, but I bought it 2 years ago, so it was no longer on their site.
  • Again, I didn’t include accessories, scarves, tennis shoes, or workout clothes in my items.

Are you going to join me? Go through your closet and pic out your items! Go do it! Right now! I know you’ll be surprised at just how much variety you can get with your outfits over the next 3 months. Let me know if you decide to do this along with me! Happy ‘fall’ everybody!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe- Part 2

capsule title

Last time, I wrote about my current capsule wardrobe and the specific items that I included. Did you read it? Was it helpful? I sure hope so! And if you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should give the whole capsule wardrobe thing a try (you totally should), I hope that this post will be even more encouraging!

I went through and tried to come up with every possible outfit combination (I probably missed a few) and with just the 37 items I have kept out to wear over the next 3 months, I can make 90 different outfits!!!!! 90! At least! That’s basically going to get me through the whole summer season without repeating an outfit! (I know that realistically I will because of laundry or spills or forgetfulness, but still). 90! Here are some of my favorites that I can’t wait to wear!

capsule 1

capsule 2

capsule 3

Why yes, I DID just put the clothes on my living room floor. How on earth did you know?!? A bit ghetto, yes, but it got the job done. So are any of you going to give this a go with me?!?


Summer Capsule Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I posted that I wanted to try doing a capsule wardrobe. I gave it a go for a few weeks (I did it halfway through the Spring cycle) and I LOVED it! Who knew that having just a few pieces to choose from would simplify my wardrobe stress by so much.

I’ve always been one of those people with an overflowing closet because 1. I’m not a super trendy person, which means that I can wear most of my wardrobe for many years and 2. I loved having lots of options to choose from. But now that I’ve simplified and donated a LOT of clothes, I really feel a lot better about my closet and what I’m wearing every day. I know that I’m wearing something I LOVE and feel great in, not something that looks pretty good and I really only bought because it was on sale.

I’ve compiled my summer capsule wardrobe for the next three months (June, July, and August) and here is what I came up with!

capsule titleNavy Converse sneakers

Casual sandals (flip flops)

Everyday sandals

Nicer sandals

Tan flats

Black flats

Black heels

Black and tan dressy wedges

Nude wedges (mostly for work)

White jeans

Denim jeans

Teal pencil skirt

Black paperbag skirt

Leopard print pencil skirt

Pink ankle work pants

Gray ankle work pants

Striped shorts

Printed shorts

Light chambray button down shirt

Teal short-sleeve button down

Navy t-shirt

Gray t-shirt

Royal blue t-shirt

Printed green sleeveless popover

Ruffle-front black tank (dressy enough for work)

Black and white polka dot shell

Peach ruffled button down

Black boxy blouse

Navy short-sleeved lace top

Gray cardigan

Navy peter-pan collar blouse

Dark green boxy blouse

Black flutter sleeve blouse

Navy casual jersey dress

Grey fitted dress (for work)

Navy and white short-sleeved wrap dress

Maxi dress

There you go! I’m putting together some pictures and outfit ideas for another post, but I hope this is helpful in putting together your own capsule wardrobe for summer! Note that I did not include certain items in my 37 (swimsuit, accessories, exercise clothes and tennis shoes, and specialty items like cocktail dresses). All 37 items were picked from things I already own- I didn’t have to shop for ANYTHING! My wallet is so happy right now!


Five for Friday #14


I was MIA for a little bit there… oops! I was busy prepping for a trip to Atlanta, and then I went to Atlanta for 5ish days (but almost missed my flight- I’ll go into that at some point!), and then I got back from Atlanta, and then I was just exhausted! I had a lot of fun, though, so all of the tiredness was definitely worth it.

Now that I am very well rested and all caught up with work and sleep and life, here are the top 5 things on my radar at the moment!

1. Now that I have a nice fancy new (to me) car, I need to make one of these car emergency kits.

2. There are a few projects I’d love to try, especially now that I’m so close to an Ikea!

3. This Harry Potter theory. Now that I’m rereading the books, it’s interesting to think about…

4. I started converting my closet over to a capsule wardrobe system and am so excited. So much more space. Still so many outfit combinations!

5. Just a fun little reminder for today.