Five for Friday #7


1. Look at this print. How adorable. I think that I need this to brighten up my living room. Or kitchen. Or cubicle. Anywhere, really!


2. This dress is to die for! A few weeks ago I went shopping for formal gowns with a friend. She has a black-tie wedding to go to and it was so fun looking at all the pretty dresses! I saw this one and immediately loved it- now I just need to find a fancy event to go to so I can go get it and wear it.



3.  I love this map of all the neighborhoods in St. Louis. There are so many and they are all so unique- and the best part is this map is interactive! Click on the neighborhood and find out more about it!

4. I love this tutorial for fabric garland. My apartment needs some of this whimsy!

5. This is the most adorable Halloween costume. Ever.


How has this Friday been for everyone?!? Mine has been pretty great! Work went well and I got to go to lunch with some of my favorite ladies, I had some good developments in a possible future opportunity and I’m excited to see what the outcome might be (super vague, I know, but don’t want to get ahead of myself!), I found some great treasures and a few Christmas gifts at Target, and I had a really great workout! And now…. I am going to bed because I am exhausted! Goodnight and happy weekend!

Five for Friday #4


Happy Friday! Real quick- today I’ve officially been back living in St. Louis for a YEAR and that is crazy. More thoughts on that later, but now here are five things on my radar from this week. Go.

1. This hair-curling tutorial changed the game for sure. (Also Amy from Karmin is just adorable to watch and listen to!) I’ve been curling my hair this way for about 3 years now and not only do the curls last for days, but I get compliments every. single. time. Give it a try!

2. Pulses by Karmin. This dynamic duo released their newest CD back in March of this year and I haven’t been able to stop listening since. Be sure to listen to my favorites: Pulses, What’s In It for Me, and Try Me On. I might have a silly dance  I made up to What’s In It for Me. I might do this at my desk at work from time to time. Or I could be making that up (I’m not.)

3. My new favorite shoes. I’ve always loved wearing a good pair of Converse (I literally wore out my black pair. They fell apart and I had to throw them out and it was so sad.) and these slip-on Chucks are amazing. They are so comfy and have become my go-to weekend shoes. Click the pic and get yourself a pair!

shoes4. You should probably sign up for Groopdealz right away. You’ll get e-mails with daily deals on decor, accessories, and clothes, and I really mean DEALS. I’ve purchased quite a few of my favorite necklaces from here and even a few odds and ends for my apartment!

5. I feel like I need a bicycle. A good majority of my friends have them and I just want to go on bike adventures with them! And plus, how adorable is this one?!?