Five for Friday #44

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope you’re ready to have the best day, because I am ready to have the best day! And what makes today the best kind of Friday, you ask? Well 1- I took the day off work so not going into the office will be a great change and 2- I’m going on a little mini girls trip this weekend! We’re leaving sometime this morning and heading down to Waco, TX (yes, for the Magnolia pilgrimage) and I’m so excited! I have been to Waco before a few years ago with some friends, and we did go to the Magnolia Silos, but we were there before the restaurant or the bakery were open, so I’m VERY excited to check out all the new and old things and explore Waco a little more!

I’ve got 5 great things I wanted to share today, so let’s get started!!

ONE || I started drinking this Glowing Green Smoothie at the beginning of 2018 and drank it every day for probably a month straight! Then I started traveling and forgot to buy the ingredients and I kind of forgot about it… until recently! I started drinking it again in the mornings and have fallen in love with it once again! It doesn’t taste like a delicious sugary smoothie, but it actually tastes pretty good! I’ve tailored the recipe to just make one serving at a time and that works out really well for me!

TWO || I loved this post from Carly about how social media is kind of at a ‘tipping point’ and I’m all for it. I don’t make much money from blogging and just do it for fun, but I can imagine that doing this FOR YOUR JOB comes with so much pressure to seem perfect from the outside. Some of my favorite people to follow are the ones who are real and share all aspects of life, even if it includes imperfect photos or being real about having a bad day.

THREE || Did anybody buy anything fun in this year’s Lilly Pulitzer after party sale?!? I look at the sale every year, but never really find anything that I just HAVE to have (even if something is on sale, you’re not SAVING money, you’re SPENDING money, right?) But then this year… I found THE PERFECT WORK PANTS! I saw them and immediately fell in love with the pattern (they’re very “me”) and the price was AMAZING. I was debating whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase but then I saw that they were called “the KELLY pant” and ummm yeah, you better believe I got them! They’re definitely more spring-y, but I will be wearing them year-round with pride. They’re no longer available on their website, so now I’m extra glad I snagged them while they were on major sale!

FOUR || I. Love. This. It. Is. So. True.

FIVE || I don’t know if I’ve ever actually made biscuits but ummmmm I REALLY want to make all the biscuits now…

Southern Biscuits

That’s it for today, friends! I can’t wait to share about our Waco weekend – I’m sure I’ll be documenting the whole thing on Instagram stories, so follow along with me at @kellymullican if you want to travel vicariously with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

Five for Friday #43

Hello and happy Friday, friends!!! I’m sitting here trying to plan out my weekend and I’m ready for a lot of productivity, but also a lot of fun. I was CRAZY busy last week/weekend and got basically zero personal things done (and like no cleaning done either) so this weekend will be full of errands, cleaning, and listening to ALL the podcasts while doing those things.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I’ve got some good stuff I wanted to share with you today!

ONE || I used this hair mask I got from Target a few weeks ago and it was life changing. I’ve gone back an purchased the full size version because it just worked THAT well. My hair was SO soft after using it in my hotel, and we all know that hotel showers are the worst!

TWO || If you have any goals that you’re working toward in any area of life (so that means every single person), then here are 11 words to remove from your vocabulary this weekend.

THREE || I am officially in love with this sailor knot ring!! And not just because it looks like a soft pretzel in my mind. That’s only like, 62% of it. I’m planning a trip to the east coast this fall and might have to make sure a trip to the KJP store makes it on the to-do list!

FOUR || Have you forgotten how different Facebook used to look? Did you know that Netflix used to have a purple logo?!? Check out this museum of websites – it’s pretty fun looking back at our favorite brands over the years!

FIVE || I’ve been incorporating this Julep Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Facial Oil (man that’s a mouthful!!) into my daily skincare routine and I am loving it! I will use it on my bare face before my night moisturizer, or sometimes I’ll mix it with Julep’s Restorative Facial Milk and use them together in the morning. Slowly most of my skincare products are becoming Julep and I’m not mad about it – this stuff is all wonderful and I highly recommend all of it!

Well that’s it for me today – I’m off to go take a walk around the neighborhood! I’ve been trying to listen to all of the Harry Potter audiobooks but I’ve been letting myself listen ONLY while I walk, so it’s been a good motivator to get myself outside (even though it’s so hot!!) Have a great weekend!!

Five for Friday #42

Hello from Kansas City!!! Well technically hello from Olathe, Kansas. I’m in town for a really good friend’s wedding tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her as a gorgeous bride! I just saw her and all our friends less than 2 weeks ago for her bachelorette party weekend, but I am so excited for more fun friend time. And cake. And I’m told there will be mini pies, so obviously I’m excited for those, too. It’s a bummer I couldn’t fit my workout shoes in my carry-on because I’m going to be eating ALL the food this weekend and will need to burn some calories! I head straight to San Diego for a work trip after the wedding, and I plan on doing a lot of walking there, so that will help. Except I’ll be eating more yummy food in San Diego…. it’ll be fine.

I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks doing the reading for my bible study for next week and waiting for my gal pals to get to town and realized I hadn’t posted yet today! And it’s a Five for Friday which is my FAVORITE, so here we go!

One || Have you heard of the enneagram before? It’s a kind of personality-type system and it’s the topic of my current bible study series and it’s ALSO the basis behind a series of songs from one of my favorite singers, Sleeping at Last! He is creating a song for each of the 9 enneagram types, and they’re all just SO good and SO on point and SO beautiful. The song for number 5 came out TODAY and you need to listen!! I’ll leave the song for 2 below, because right now it’s my favorite.

Two || Look at these adorable gingham donuts!! While I’m not a donut maker (YET!), I definitely want to try and decorate some of my sugar cookies with this gingham style… I think they’ll be adorable!

Three || I’m obsessing over these adorable little journals! Do I need more cute journals in my life? Nope. Do I still want to have them in my life? Yup! Rifle Paper Co. can do no wrong in my book. I’m still drooling over their little flagship store that I got to visit while in Winter Park, FL!

Four || I need to do some serious de-cluttering in my apartment (and my life if I’m being brutally honest) and this might just be the online inspiration I need, courtesy of Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Five || LOOK AT THIS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with it! I bought it to wear to Brook’s wedding tomorrow and I just want to wear it all the time. It fits so well and is SO flattering on me, which was a real gamble since it was only available online and I couldn’t try it on at the store and I had no idea what size to get. Yes I did order 3 sizes because you just never know. One fit PERFECTLY and the other two will go back!


That’s all from me for now – I’ve got some more reading to do before all the exciting stuff starts this weekend! I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend and also get to eat some mini pies! 🙂

Five for Friday #41

Hey, what’s up, hello! It’s Friday!!! I’m so happy to be at the weekend, you guys. This week has been CRAZY and I’m glad to put a few more days behind me. I got into a little fender bender last week (I’m 100% fine!) and long story short- I have a new car!!! Well, new to me but you get it! Still exciting! I’m now driving a Honda CR-V and I love sitting up higher than I was in my little Civic. I’m still trying to think of a name for it… I’ll keep y’all posted.

Here’s what’s been on my radar for the last week!

One || How to Hang Art Like a Pro. Always a good skill to have.

Two || The Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask System. I think I’ve posted about this before, but it needs to be said again. Best. Face. Mask. EVER. It’s a bit pricey, but I promise that it is 100% worth it. It feels like I have a whole new face the day after I use one of these!

Three || I’ve been working out more lately, and this quote keeps coming to mind.

Four || I got my sister this ice cream starter to use in her Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment, and wow it made some delicious ice cream! They have so many other flavors and I kinda want to try them all. Especially the s’mores!

Five || These sandals are too cute! I would either wear them every single day or only once… I can’t decide which it would be… so for now I’ll just look at them online and love them from afar!

That’s it for now! I’m already so pumped for this weekend – I’m going to a little dinner party, baking and decorating some cookies, and possibly going to the zoo! Happy weekend, friends!

Five for Friday #40

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! This week has felt approximately 87 days long, so I’m super happy to finally be at the end of it. And I know it wasn’t just me – I had co-workers saying “Have a good weekend!” as they were leaving on Tuesday, so I think everybody has been especially ready for the weekend this week! I can’t wait to have some fun over the next few days – I’m going to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight, and then I’m going to the Social Science event at the Perot Museum here in Dallas, and tomorrow I’m going to see Les Mis at the theater! I’m planning on bringing 2 packs of tissues to this musical. And making a mental note to maybe just not wear mascara. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been out of the habit of doing these, but the Five for Friday posts are always my favorites! I love sharing the random things that I’ve been loving lately, and I hope you love it, too! It seems like every interview-type podcast I listen to has a “what are you loving these days?!?” question, and I love answering along at home… so here are the things I’ve been loving lately!

One || The Gal Meets Glam line. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin – these dresses are BEAUTIFUL!!! I’ve been following Julia for a while, and I was so excited when she announced her line of dresses in the works, and I can honestly say that they exceeded my expectations. They’re all so feminine and I know that not all of them are my exact style, but there are a few I have my eye on for sure! You can find them on her site, AND you can find them at Nordstrom!


Two || This SNL skit for the Nike Pro Chiller leggings is HILARIOUS. Because let’s be honest – how often do our yoga pants ACTUALLY go to yoga? Trust me, the next time you’re settin’ up shop on that couch, you’ll think about being a couch panini and giggle.

Three || I’ve been listening to the Waitress soundtrack a lot since I saw the musical last month! Sara Bareilles wrote the music and lyrics for the musical, and she even recorded herself (and Jason Mraz) singing a lot of the songs and they’re all lovely. This particular one has been stuck in my head day after day after day but I’m not mad about it!

Four || You guys. This is it. I found it. I found the one. I found THE BEST Rice Krispie treats recipe you’ll ever make! I made these bad boys a few weeks ago to take to a bible study potluck, and then IMMEDIATELY made them again for my sister’s birthday. The secret is reserving marshmallows to mix in at the very end so you get little pockets of gooey goodness!

Five || Have you guys been using Creative Market? I love it! It’s like Etsy for the design world, and they offer tons of fonts and templates and themes and assets that you can buy, but the best part is that they offer SIX FREE things every week! That’s where I found the fun gold glittery shapes I used in this post!!