(Adorable) Lazy Day Hair

Hello from St. Louis! I flew up for the weekend to go to my 10 year high school reunion and to see my other friends and I’m having a blast! It’s been great to see my college friends and I’m actually really glad that I went to the high school reunion. It was fun to see my friends again and all the familiar faces and catch up with people that I had classes with and used to see every day in school!

I wanted to post something easy and fun today, so I thought I’d share my go-to lazy day hair style: a dutch braid and a messy bun. I wear it… a lot. Most likely if you see me on the weekend, this is my hairdo. It’s so easy to do and it also works GREAT with wet OR dry hair! A.k.a. you can do it with dirty hair or with wet hair if you’re running late!


Super cute, right? I thought so, too! And it’s seriously so easy. The hard part is just learning how to dutch braid. Here’s how to make this happen on YOUR head!

  1. Grab a small section of hair and divide into three parts.
  2. Do a dutch braid down the side of your head. To do this, take one outside section of hair, grab a little bit of hair along with it, and put that UNDER the other two strands. Now take the the other outside section, grab a little bit of hair along with it, and put it UNDER the other two strands. Keep doing that until you get to about your ear, then continue with a regular braid.
  3. Pull the rest of your hair, along with the braid, into a low ponytail and make a messy bun. (You don’t need a messy bun, I guess, but I always have one! I can’t stand hair sticking to my neck!)
  4. Gently tug on the braid to “fluff” it out and make the braid look nice and full!!

I know that I definitely didn’t explain the dutch braid very well, so here is a GREAT little video to explain it a little better!

The thing I love most about this version of the dutch braid is that you don’t need thick hair to make it look great! The pulling and fluffing of the braid can make even thin hair look super full and amazing. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you!

Five for Friday #6


Happy happy Friday everyone! This has been a very interesting week with lots and lots of rain. So much rain. I keep forgetting to wear/bring my rain boots to work and it was a horrible decision every day. Work for me was a roller coaster- one day I was super busy, and the next day it was a struggle to find things to keep busy with, and then the day after that was busy and stressful all over again… I am just so glad it is the weekend again! Here are my 5 things to share for the week!

1. Charcoal Face Mask– I tried a new face mask this afternoon and LOVE IT! It is a charcoal and black sugar polishing mask and my face feels amazing! You put it on your face, let it sit for 5 minutes, spend 2 minutes rubbing it in, and then rinse it off. I definitely felt like Bert from Mary Poppins with soot on my face and I also got some in my hair, but oooh my face feels so polished!

2. I stopped at Target on my way home from work today and found the best new jacket! I had been needing a new light jacket for those transition days where it is chilly enough for an extra layer, but not cold enough for an actual coat. This one is perfect and comes in quite a few colors- I got the grey with a little tiny houndstooth print!


3. This video made me laugh out loud. It is just so fun and makes me wish that I lived somewhere where I could hail a cab.

4. United Sweets of America– This map is the best! My state (Missouri) got gooey butter cake. That is absolutely correct. Gooey butter cake is so delicious and more specifically is a St. Louis staple. In fact, a lot of people outside of St. Louis have never even heard of it, let alone tried it. I remember trying to explain it to my college roommate freshman year and she just didn’t understand. So sad.


5. Speaking of gooey butter cake… you should try this recipe for gooey butter cookies. I have made these multiple times and they are always a hit! It has the same great taste as the gooey butter cake we all know and love, but in a portable, hand-held cookie. And it uses a box of cake mix as the base of the recipe- it doesn’t get much easier than that!


Five for Friday #4


Happy Friday! Real quick- today I’ve officially been back living in St. Louis for a YEAR and that is crazy. More thoughts on that later, but now here are five things on my radar from this week. Go.

1. This hair-curling tutorial changed the game for sure. (Also Amy from Karmin is just adorable to watch and listen to!) I’ve been curling my hair this way for about 3 years now and not only do the curls last for days, but I get compliments every. single. time. Give it a try!

2. Pulses by Karmin. This dynamic duo released their newest CD back in March of this year and I haven’t been able to stop listening since. Be sure to listen to my favorites: Pulses, What’s In It for Me, and Try Me On. I might have a silly dance  I made up to What’s In It for Me. I might do this at my desk at work from time to time. Or I could be making that up (I’m not.)

3. My new favorite shoes. I’ve always loved wearing a good pair of Converse (I literally wore out my black pair. They fell apart and I had to throw them out and it was so sad.) and these slip-on Chucks are amazing. They are so comfy and have become my go-to weekend shoes. Click the pic and get yourself a pair!

shoes4. You should probably sign up for Groopdealz right away. You’ll get e-mails with daily deals on decor, accessories, and clothes, and I really mean DEALS. I’ve purchased quite a few of my favorite necklaces from here and even a few odds and ends for my apartment!

5. I feel like I need a bicycle. A good majority of my friends have them and I just want to go on bike adventures with them! And plus, how adorable is this one?!?



Short Hair, Please

When it comes to my hair, I only like it two ways: short and shoulder-length or nice and long. Anything in between is horrible to me. The absolute worst. I hate it. I get so excited when I get my hair cut, keep it short for a little while, and then start the process to grow it out. Awful. I feel like my hair looks gross in the in-between stage. I’m sure it really doesn’t look all that terrible, but that is just my opinion while I’m in the process of growing it back out. Thankfully, right now my hair is in the ‘nice and long’ phase and it is wonderful! I can do so much with it. Curl it, pull it back, there are endless updo options, I can braid it, and the list goes on and on and on. I love having long hair, but…


It seems like everyone from friends to celebrities to favorite bloggers are making the chop and I want to join the party! But do I? Yes I do. But right now? No not right now. Am I sure? Yes, keep it long just a little bit longer. But short looks so cute! But… long! It seems like I have this same silly conversation in my head every day.

I have gone through the long-to-short hair cycle a few times, and I love getting to donate my hair to Locks of Love (I’ve actually donated my hair 4 times in the last 8 years!), but I don’t think that I am quite ready for make the big cut quite yet. So until that time comes, I can just look at lots of long bob inspiration while playing with my currently long locks. Cue the Pinterest hairspiration:

short hair

But seriously though. All these women are rocking the long bob. My hair never seems to do the choppy look like AnnaSophia Robb (bottom middle) or Emily Schuman (one of my favorite bloggers at Cupcakes & Cashmere, top right), but I think that the look Alison Brie (bottom right) has going on is just up my alley. Short, playful, lots of movement, oh I need to look away before I make a hair appointment!

I am trying to keep my hair at the longer length until at least the spring (for what reason? I really have no idea) but who knows… I might just break down and show up to work one day with a good majority of my hair not there! I guess we’ll see how long I can hold out!