2019 Resolutions Update

…or an alternative title should be “How Have I Been Doing This Year?!?!?” Turns out, better than usual!!

(p.s. I keep an updated version of my resolutions on this page!)

So what have I accomplished so far this year? Quite a few things!

  • I lost 30 pounds! Wow! One of my high-level goals for the year was to get healthier and be more active and I don’t care about an eventual number on the scale, but I did want to make sure that I had some metrics to track to in order to make sure that I was actually making progress. 30 seemed like an achievable number and by golly it was! Like my sister said to me last week, “wow, it’s like diet and exercise are actually good for something, huh?!? Who knew?!?” I think I struggled in the past because I lived alone and had zero accountability for what I cooked or how many times I went to Chick-Fil-A or how many mornings I hit snooze instead of lacing up my sneakers and working out, but now that I have a roommate and we encourage each other when we eat healthier (and don’t knock each other down when we have an occasional treat or crazy meal) it’s been great. She even comes with me from time to time when I walk/jog outside, and it’s nice to have some company!
  • I completed 2 Whole30s! Did I really need to do 2? No. But am I glad that I did 2? Sure! It’s just a good reset for me mentally and shows me that I don’t actually need sugar or coffee or all the bread on the planet. I just finished my most recent one last week, and I’m working on a post that will talk about how it went and what amazing recipes I made this past time, so be on the lookout for that soon!
  • I made a new baby blanket! This one took FOREVER (and you can see what it looked like here!) It might have been my biggest and most intricate baby blanket to date, and I need to make a serious mental note to NEVER MAKE ONE THAT BIG AGAIN. It just took forever but I was happy with how it turned out even though I kind of ended up hating the colors that I used… sorry little B!
  • I saw Hamilton on stage! TWICE! So amazing yes I cried yes you should see it, too. I went into a lot of detail on the post I linked, but even thinking back to it now, I’m just so impressed with the touring cast that I saw. They were seriously the best of the best and I was blown away by the chorus, the understudies, the main actors, everything! To be constantly moving and dancing and singing all at the same time for 2 hours – wow. I hope they’re getting paid so much money because every single one of them deserves it. (And yes I will probably listen to the Hamilton cast recording in the very near future now that I’ve been thinking about it!)
  • I began jogging again! I’ve never been a runner, like a serious long-distance type runner but I used to go jogging a lot! (To me jogging is just running for a few minutes and taking a walking break and repeating for a while, FYI. I’ve always needed walking breaks and I’m ok with that. And I also prefer to be outside while jogging – I’ve never been a treadmill fan. Just some background info that you totally didn’t ask for but there you go!) I live in a neighborhood that is GREAT to walk around AND I have a phenomenal nature trail RIGHT behind my house, so I’ve been using it! A lot! I’m still slow and I still need lots of walking breaks, but I can see myself making major progress and that is really exciting! My goal is to jog a mile without stopping by the end of the year and y’all I am SO CLOSE! #babysteps
  • I took a fun trip! My bestie and I met up in Minneapolis over the 4th of July and it was a blast! And as an added bonus, we were “featured” in AAA magazine from our trip there! We were photographed while playing mini-golf on the roof of the Walker Art Center and I was just tickled to see that we made it into the magazine! You have to squint and hold the page up close, but I promise that’s us!!

What resolutions do I have currently in the works?

  • Run 1 mile with no stops. See the jogging bullet point above. I’m so close and just need to build up a little more endurance and then give it a go! I use map my run when I jog outside so it will be easy to know when I finally reach this goal.
  • Make an England photo book. Oh my goodness this trip was OVER TWO YEARS AGO and I still haven’t done this?!?! I have all my pages “planned” but I just need to sit down and finish it.
  • Take a cooking class. I signed up for a cooking class at the beginning of October and I can’t wait to do it! It’s going to be making croissants and puff pastry so maybe it’s more a baking class but I still think it counts.
  • Tithe at church every month. I’ve been consistent so far! My church does a really good job of making sure you know what your giving goes toward, and that helps encourage me to keep up with this one. Plus, it’s not my money and it all belongs to God anyway!
  • Drink less alcohol and soda. The Whole30s really helped me out with this one! I have never been a huge drinker at home (I’ve had two bottles of yummy Scout & Cellar wine in the fridge since I moved into the house in May that are still untouched if that gives you any idea lol) but soda… I could happily drink root beer ALL THE TIME and be the happiest person on the planet. I’ve definitely cut back and plan to keep it up!
  • Learn a new piano song. I’m on my way with this one! I picked a gorgeous song and am memorizing it!! The song is…. incredibly repetitive…. so I might end up picking another one but for now here’s what I’m learning!
  • Read entire bible in a year. I’m on schedule! I’ve been using a chronological plan and we’re still in the old testament and it’s going well! If you’ve never read the bible or never read certain books of the bible, I highly recommend it. Yes I am reading it from a spiritual/religious stance, but it has some crazy good stories in there! Like, crazier than a season of Game of Thrones type of drama in the old testament. If you’re like “oooh I like stories but reading the bible seems a little intimidating” then don’t worry, I have a recommendation for you! The podcast “The Bible Binge” is AMAZING at taking a look at stories and characters in the bible and making them approachable and easier to understand. They basically recap bible stories as if it were an episode of TV and the hosts are hilarious and if you’ve ever been curious about Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, Moses, The Wise Men from the Christmas story, etc., go ahead and give them a listen!
  • Read 25 books. I’ve technically finished with this one! I made a book bingo board for the year and still have 2 more spots to fill in on it, but I’ve also read a few books on the side and so my total right now is exactly 25. Don’t worry, I WILL keep reading the rest of the year. I have to fill my commute with something!

What resolutions might not get completed?

  • Find a new hobby. I feel like I already have 942 hobbies, so do I REALLY need to throw another one in the mix? I’ve got a jack of all trades but a master of none vibe in my life and instead of starting a completely NEW hobby, I’m going to try and get better at some of the ones I know I already enjoy. Like watercolor painting. Or hand embroidery. Or baking (hence the cooking class I signed up for!)
  • Open an etsy shop. Meh. I just don’t think this is in the cards for me right now (or ever?), and I’m ok with that! Again, I feel like I’m a ‘master of none’ person and until I really focus on one thing long enough to get good enough at it to feel like it could go in an etsy shop, I’ll just keep making things for me and my family and friends and feel happy with that.
  • Chop off my hair. I’ve made the personal decision to keep my hair long through the winter and then make the big chop next spring. Or at least that’s the current plan. Usually when I chop it off the decision is made VERY spontaneously with little to no planning and so who knows, this could still happen!

So all in all I feel like I’m doing pretty well for the year so far! Back in January I was talking to a friend on FaceTime and he was saying that the best way to reach your goals is to look at them every single week. He suggested that I make a PDF of my resolutions and put it on the desktop of my work computer, and make looking them over the first thing I do every week. And so that’s exactly what I did, and I definitely think it’s helped me stay on track and remember what I wanted to accomplish this year! There’s still a few months left and we’ll see where I’m at by the end of the year!

Have you kept up with any of your resolutions from January? Are there any that you’ll try to accomplish by the end of the year?



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