Five for Friday #54

Oh hello there! Are you as excited that it’s Friday as I am?!? I don’t even have exciting plans for the weekend, but I’ll just be happy to relax a little bit! This was a full and fun week for me! I saw the movie Where’d You Go, Bernadette on Monday with some friends from my book club (we read the book a few months ago and just hadnt’ gone to see it yet!), had life group on Tuesday, bible study on Wednesday, and dinner at my sister’s house last night! Full but very fun! I need to do some deep cleaning at the house this weekend because I have ONE OF MY VERY BEST FRIENDS coming to visit next weekend (can you tell that I’m very excited?!?!) but I have a feeling I’ll spend a good chunk of it on the couch watching High Seas on Netflix… I’m a sucker for Spanish dramas set in the past for some reason (like Velvet which was THE BEST!!) and I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far but I’m all in! It follows 2 wealthy sisters on a ship traveling from Spain to Brazil in the 1940s and there is DRAMA! There are SECRETS! There is MURDER?!?!?!

But enough of that – here is what’s been on my radar lately!

one || I just got this white top at Walmart a few weeks ago and love it! My roomie also got it in the chambray color, and I might have to borrow it at some point. I wish I was able to wear the mustard yellow, but sadly that is the worst color on a pale person like me.

two || This sticky note set is the cutest! I don’t really use sticky notes that often at work… but…. I might need to start!

three || This candle from Target is literally the BEST smelling candle for fall!! It’s no wonder it’s sold out! I have the small size and will have to use major restraint not to burn the whole thing in one weekend!

four || I got this Healthy Feet cream because my heels were looking pretty rough and it is a miracle product! My heels are nice and smooth, and I didn’t have to go get a pedicure for that to be the case!

five || I signed up to bring something sweet to bible study in a few weeks, and there is a very good chance I’ll be making these fluffernutter cookies. Because fluffernutter sandwiches are the best and cookies are the best and so yes I’ll try the combination of those, please! I just finished my Whole30 and am still in the reintroduction phase, but I’ll be excited to try these very soon!!

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