Life Lately

Hey hey and happy Friday!! Can you believe that it’s already SEPTEMBER?!?!? I don’t actually know where the year is going. I’ve been busy with work and life and doing another Whole30 (more on that to come!!) and the days just keep flying by. Geez. I feel like we need a little update on what’s been going on lately (which really isn’t much, but why not, right?!?) Here’s a little photo diary of what I’ve been up to…

I took my nephew to see a movie and of course we had to play a few arcade games on the way out of the theater! (Fun days with Aunt Kelly include ALL the fun things!)

I got THE BEST sno cone flavor on the planet (root beer and watermelon mixed DON’T GIVE ME THAT FACE you haven’t even tried it yet it’s so good!) from a place SO close to my house – and it has a drive thru window which is fun but also dangerous because now I want to get a sno cone every day on my way home from the train.

One of my favorite people that I somehow get the privilege of knowing in real life WROTE A STINKING BOOK and y’all it’s SO GOOD! She had a book launch party in July and it was so great to go and support her!

I had what seemed like the perfect hair day a few weeks ago! The braid! The bun! And it stayed ALL DAY which was a miracle!

I won some Airpods at work and I love them! I love getting to walk outside and not have to deal with the cords from my headphones, and the sound quality is better than expected for most things! I also bought some teeny studs to go in my 2nd and 3rd ear piercing and I’m clearly very excited about those, too.

I went to a rooftop hip hop cardio fitness class on the terrace of the Joule Hotel downtown and it was so much fun! My friend Beth and I didn’t make fools of ourselves like we thought we would and had a blast sweating and dancing along to Lizzo. Plus I got to see my favorite eyeball from an elevated height which was fun!

This is totally random but I’ve started parting my hair in the middle from time to time and tbh I’m kind of loving it!!

My company reserved a section at the minor league baseball game and my friend Merideth came with me! There was tons of free food and be proud of us – we didn’t eat ANY of it. Which is incredibly sad. BUT I’m doing Whole30 and Mer is eating super healthy, too, so we were very strong and you know what, I bet the hot dogs and cookies weren’t even that good. The cookies looked super dry. #lies

You guys I saw my first armadillo and it was slightly terrifying!!!!!! It was IN THE FRONT YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? Gross! Go away!! I didn’t know that they could be so huge and I was kind of terrified to walk along the sidewalk to get to my car. But I did it. I survived.

When people ask me what I’ve been up to lately, I always answer with “oh not much… same ol’ same ol’, just like church and bible study and stuff…” but now it’s nice to see and be reminded that I’ve actually been doing things and I’m not as boring as I thought! Thanks for following along – I’ve got some fun posts planned in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you! Talk to you later!


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