I Made Another Baby Blanket!!

Another nephew, another baby blanket that is not done on time… Oops! Every time my sister has a baby (she now has FOUR!) I make a baby blanket for the sweet little baby! Even though this blanket was finished a little bit (aka like 2 months) late, it finally got finished which is all that matters.

My sister doesn’t find out the gender before the baby is born, so it’s been tough to pick 4 different color schemes that would work for a boy OR a girl! For this blanket (that ended up being for a boy) I went with a mint green and light grey which looks kind of terrible in the pictures, but actually looks very cute in person!

In true Kelly fashion, this blanket took forever to make because I made it GIGANTIC! You know how normal baby blankets are small and cute and can easily fit in the hands of a baby? Yeah… I don’t make baby blankets like that… I mean, just look at how big this one is on my queen bed!!

I tried using a new crochet pattern for this blanket and I think it turned out really fun! There were a few rows of bobbles that got a bit off… but I tried my best to course correct while working on it and in the end I think it turned out just fine for the most part. You can find the pattern that I used here, but just know that I did change it a little bit! I increased the number of stitches between each bubble stitch because they were using up all my yarn and those rows took forever to finish! I loved doing the ruffle stitch (part of the linked pattern) around the edge of the blanket – it was so cute and fun!

Now that the blanket is done, I can finally start working on some other crafts and projects I’ve been putting off! Like memorizing a new song on the piano, and doing some embroidery projects, and working on another blanket (this time it’s for ME!)

P.S. You can see the other blankets I made my my niece and nephews here, here (scroll down for the colorful blanket), and here (scroll down and you’ll see a little pic of it!)

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