Playing Tourist in Dallas

A couple of weekends ago, one of my very best friends, Annie, came to visit in Dallas and we had such a good time! It was the perfect mix of busy lets go do all the things and chill lets stay on the couch and snack and talk for hours. I always love when people come to visit because that means I get to show them some of my favorite things about Dallas, but we can also explore new things together!

One of the “favorite” things I do when people visit is give them a tour of downtown. And if I do say so myself, I give an EXCELLENT tour of Downtown Dallas! It is filled with lots of interesting sights, lots of fun facts and trivia, and a good mix of walking and stopping to rest when needed. The full tour takes around an hour (YES I AM VERY THOROUGH) but we found some extra fun things to stop and see while walking around, like some see-saws that were randomly set up in a park and new “art” inside the Joule hotel!

The Kelly downtown tour always hits the same things: JFK assassination site, JFK memorial, giant eyeball sculpture, Thanksgiving chapel (for the spiral stained glass), and Klyde Warren Park. All good places, if I do say so myself!

One of the new-to-me things that we did while together was visit the teddy bear park in Highland Park! I’d seen pictures of this place online before and I’m glad that we decided to go and find it! It was SO WEIRD but that made it so much fun to see in person! I mean, these teddy bears are just HUGE!

It was located by this gorgeous little park that had a good little walking trail and was surrounded but the most gorgeous multi-million dollar homes! We took our time driving around and staring at all the houses, picking a new favorite on each street that we went down! The weather was perfect that day, too, and I’m glad because there were a few wedding parties that showed up to the park to take some pictures!

We just had the best weekend and I’m so glad I got to play tourist in Dallas for a few days! I’m already planning more fun and new-to-me things to check out when my next visitor comes to Dallas in a few weeks!!

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