The BEST Desserts to Make Today!

One thing that I kind of hate about my townhouse is the oven. (Good thing I’m moving in a couple of days- hah!) It is just… terrible. It NEVER heats up all the way and is wildly inconsistent, even when using an oven thermometer! It’s just gotten worse and worse over the last year, but since “it still heats” the property management company wouldn’t replace it. Which yes, technically makes sense, but also I ruined not one but TWO attempted desserts over the last few months because the oven temp was just so out of whack, so I really just decided I should stop baking until I move.

So naturally since I “can’t” bake at the moment, THAT IS ALL I WANT TO DO! I was going through some recipes that I’ve made trying to decide what one I wanted to make as soon as I move into the house, and I thought that I should share them with you all! These are seriously some of the most delicious things ever and I highly recommend making them!

Ginger Molasses Cookies

These bad boys are SO DELICIOUS. I have no idea why but I was seriously craving some of these a few months ago, so I decided to find the ultimate recipe to become my go-to. This was the second recipe that I tried and I just decided to stop with this one because it’s so good! They’re super hard to mess up and they come out so chewy and delicious!

Extra Gooey Rice Krispies Treats

These are a CROWD PLEASER! I usually add a little bit less rice krispies cereal when I’m making normal rice krispies treats because I like them to be gooier, but this recipe takes care of that for you. The extra marshmallows you use just give it the best texture and the best taste and yes I know that you don’t need to bake these in the oven and therefore I could make them now but also if I made them now I would just eat them all, so…

Black and White Cookies

Oh man. These are time consuming but they are worth the effort! I would say that they’re not for a beginning baker, but I still think you should all try to make them, anyway! My favorite part is the white icing – it reminds me of these cookies we used to get at the local bakery in the town I grew up in… I miss those bear cookies… but anyway, when you do make these, be sure to put the icing on the flat bottom part of the cookie! That’s what makes them seem authentic!

Sugar Cookie Bars

This, sadly, was one of the recipes that got RUINED by my oven. I’ve made these very successfully a few times before, but this time they just got burned to a crisp. Like, I couldn’t even get them out of the pan they were so solid! The frosting is definitely the best part (that’s always true tho for me) and I always like to put fun food coloring in the frosting! These are easy to share since they’re in bar form… I might have to make these my test recipe and then bring the results to work!

Peanut Butter Cookies

This has been my go-to peanut butter cookie recipe for YEARS! They come out of the oven so chewy and soft and amazing! At first it seemed weird to not do the fork imprints on a peanut butter cookie because everyone knows that’s what you’re supposed to do on a peanut butter cookie but nope these are LEGIT the best. Ok I’ve changed my mind, THESE might have to be the things I bake first!

Sprinkled Sugar Cookies

The perfect recipe when you have sprinkles to use up! These are so festive and fun and make the perfect amount to share with a few friends. They’re so soft but the sprinkles add the perfect crunch – it’s just a really lovely cookie!

Now that I’ve shared some of mine, I want to hear some of yours! What’s your favorite baked good, your ride or die treat, your most trusted recipe?

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