Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everybody! I love this holiday with all the chocolate and family time and good food. Some of my most favorite (a scavenger hunt all over the house to find our Easter baskets – my mom was so fun!) and most hilariously tragic (a hole in my bag that let every Easter egg I collected drop out the bottom… and into the waiting hands of my friend Sabrina who followed me around collecting them for herself – ha!!) childhood memories revolve around Easter celebrations, and it’s a time of year I always look forward to. This year I get to spend it with my parents, sister, and her family, and I’m very thankful that we get to spend quality family time together.

I also love this holiday for the joy it brings in marveling at the fact that Jesus gave his life for someone like me who messes up every single day, yet he did so anyway willingly – celebrating the fact that he rose from the dead 3 days after dying on the cross, just as he promised he would – rejoicing that my great God sent his son to be a legit human (that blows my mind sometimes!) and experience all the joys and pain and good things and hard things on Earth and that I’ll get to sing praises to him one day in Heaven. Wow!

I’ve had the chorus of the song Stronger from Hillsong stuck in my head all weekend and it’s been a great reflection of what Easter is really all about.

You are stronger
You are stronger
Sin is broken
You have saved me
It is written
Christ is risen
Jesus You are Lord of all

I hope you all have a lovely day today filled with family and fun and chocolate and the joy that comes from knowing that that Jesus, the son of God who walked on Earth and had friends and ate food and suffered, died a real death on your behalf for your sins because He loves YOU that much.

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