Five for Friday #49

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I hope that you’re as excited for the end of the week as I am! Who am I kidding – of COURSE you are! This was a slower week for me which I am very thankful for, and I have a few fun things planned for the weekend, which I’m excited for! Since it was a slower week, I’ve done a lot of cleaning and a lot of crocheting which has been great. I am making a baby blanket for my sister’s newest baby (due in May!) and I, as usual, am very far behind in the process. Having a few nights to just sit down and relax and focus on crafting has been just what I needed.

Here are some of the fun things that have caught my attention recently!

one || The entire world is obsessed with the KonMari method of cleaning out their closets and their homes and I just need to make sure that Gilmore Girls was all over this trend years ago.

Great. Now that you know that very important fact, here’s a great guide to STARTING the de-cluttering process a la Marie Kondo.

two || Love this post about being single in your 30s. It was honest and hopeful and worded really well as another single person in my 30s.

three || This poster of A Pop Culture Guide to Proofreading Marks is hilarious.

four || A sweet coworker gave me these amazing earrings and they’re definitely my new favorites. I’ve been obsessing over tortoise shell jewelry recently and so you know I was excited when I got these!

five || One of my favorite artists has a new flower collection and to promote it, she came up with an adorable spring “flower-scope.”

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