2019 Book Bingo – March Update

It’s time for more books, y’all!!!! I read 3 mediocre books over the last few weeks and got to add them to my super fun 2019 book bingo board! But seriously, I’ll go into more detail in a sec, but these books were just ok. If you’ve read them, too, then I bet you’ll agree with me. If you haven’t read them, then you can just keep that going. I’m reading a few books right now that I already like SO much better, so that’s nice for a change! But I can’t share those with you just yet, so for now let’s dive into the books I just finished!

For a book set in NYC, I read Social Creature. It was a really interesting concept for a book, the plot was pretty unique, but I just don’t love how it was executed. This story is like a modern-day version of The Talented Mr. Ripley (kind of… that’s not exactly true but it’s what Amazon said) about a toxic friendship filled with fancy parties, the NYC elite, friendship that turns into obsession, and a girl that gets in way over her head when her friend dies. And while the author did a good job incorporating modern technology into the story, it just seemed SO FULL OF PLOT HOLES. It ended in literally the only way that “made sense” but I spent the entire last half of the book thinking “well that isn’t realistic” or “nobody would actually do that” or “if the police look into this she is toast because she hasn’t covered her tracks AT ALL.”

For a book with a pink cover, I read (well I listened to) The Glitch. If a book is labeled as “deeply hilarious” and “laugh-out-loud funny” and “riotous” I would expect to laugh at least once. Not even out loud. Just a small giggle here or there. Did I giggle at all during this book? Sadly no, I did not. I thought this book about a tech mogul who thinks she has been visited by the younger version of herself would be awesome but I was honestly kind of bored during most of it.

For a book written at least 10 years ago, I read The Little Stranger. This spooky story about a country doctor tending to a family living in a huge estate home in post-WWII England was by far my favorite of the three I read. I kind of hoped that it would have been a little scarier/spookier, but there were quite a few moments that had me on the edge of my seat! This book was made into a movie last year and now I want to go get it from the library and watch it ASAP!

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