My Favorite Whole30 Recipes (and a few I only tolerated)

One thing that I wanted to do during my most recent Whole30 was cook a lot, and cook GOOD food. In previous rounds I ate pretty ok food… but it was never anything that I LOVED and honestly it felt very boring. My food was very boring. And I did NOT want to do that again. So I told myself that I could only make new-to-me recipes this go-round and it turned out so well!! I ended up eating SUCH GOOD FOOD for the most part and I feel like I really expanded my skills in the kitchen, too!

I kept a detailed list of all the food I made during the Whole30 process (and included my own notes along the way!) and I wanted to share the ones I really loved, ones I liked and would still make again, and the ones that I’m glad I tried but just kind of tolerated. It can be so daunting to plan for a Whole30 and try to think about what you’re going to make and eat, and hopefully this list can help inspire you to do some more cooking during your next round!

Chicken Alfredo Bake

This was the first meal I made and it was… not my favorite. I don’t know if it was because it was my first few days doing Whole30 or because I’m not the biggest fan of zoodles or because I was wanting a creamy alfredo sauce and instead made “alfredo” sauce out of cauliflower… whatever the reason, I chose not to repeat this recipe. If I do try to make it again, I’ll definitely wait till I’m toward the end of the 30 days and my taste buds are more used to healthier flavors.

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

These were so good! I loved eating them with some homemade guacamole. Mine weren’t all consistent in size and I used ground turkey instead of ground chicken because that’s what my grocery store had, but they still tasted great.

Chicken Salad

I love love LOVE a good chicken salad, and I’m so glad I still got to eat it while doing Whole30. I actually made this twice, one time using store-bought compliant mayo, and another time having made my own… and both tasted great! I love taking a big scoop of chicken salad and eating it on a bed of lettuce – so good!

Turkey Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This was really good, BUT it says that it’s a 20-minute meal and I swear I was cooking mine for at least 45 minutes. I also maimed the sweet potato shells and ruined those, so I ended up just mixing up the sweet potato innards with the filling and it was very good!

Spice Crusted Steak

This was so delicious. It was what I made for a “yay I’m halfway done!” meal and I wish I had made 20 servings instead of just 4!

Orange Chicken

Ok. This orange chicken. It ended up being a lot more effort than I originally expected (you know, more effort than picking up the phone and ordering orange chicken from down the street, lol) but it was REALLY delicious! The directions on the website seemed to lack a few details, but I made this a second time and it went a lot faster and smoother after having made it before.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Very spicy but very delicious! I only bought two peppers but used the entire filling recipe, and so I had 4 very large servings. I cut up the peppers before re-heating to eat and made them bite size chunks… and realistically I probably could have split into 6 servings and still been really satisfied.

Waldorf Tuna Salad

This was way better than I thought! The fact that it used tuna kind of weirded me out at first for some reason, but I’m really glad I made it and tried it. It made 3 really large servings, and next time I’ll probably split it up into 4.

Beef with Broccoli

This recipe was just ok to me. I feel like most people would like it, though! I don’t think I was in the mood for eating beef and so I didn’t really enjoy it. I might try to make it again during my next Whole30 and see if I like it any better.

Turkey Taco Meatballs

I didn’t make any notes about these, so I guess that means they were just fine! They’d be great for a party if you needed to make little bites to share. I bought the chipotle mayo from Whole Foods and those flavors went really well together!

BBQ Burgers

This recipe calls for bison, but I used regular ol’ ground beef and they tasted really good. I also couldn’t find the Tessamae’s brand bbq sauce at the store, so I bought a different Whole30 compliant bbq sauce. Just full disclosure. Also just go ahead and buy the bbq sauce. I’ve tried to make my own in the past and it did NOT turn out well! Not good!

Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Everybody loves a good sweet potato fry! These always take longer to bake than I anticipate… and part of that might be because my oven is kind of slowly dying and the heat is never consistent… but… that’s ok! They still came out delicious and made my lunches so much better!

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