Five for Friday #48

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I’m so excited for this weekend because not only do I have a lot of fun things planned, but it’s by BIRTHDAY on Sunday!! And yes, I do have to work at a company user conference that starts Sunday afternoon, but I’ll still get to do lots of celebrating! As for the rest of the weekend, I have a ton on my plate. I’m getting a much needed haircut this evening, doing Zumba tomorrow morning (I’ve been going to Zumba a lot lately and I’m a little bit obsessed!), seeing the musical Anastasia tomorrow afternoon, and then going to church on Sunday before packing up and heading to the hotel for the conference! We have a bit of set up time before everything officially kicks off, and I plan on bringing in some birthday treats to share with my team as we get everything ready.

one || I am officialy obsessed with this J.Crew Factory skirt. I have multiple sidewalk skirts, but this one is SCALLOPED!!! Perfection! I’m trying to do as little shopping as possible this year but I can guarantee that this will be mine the second it goes on sale.

two || This movie looks like it will be really good! I don’t usually see movies in the theater (mainly because it’s so expensive now but also because people at the movie theater are generally pretty annoying), but I might end up seeing this one.

three || I mentioned that I’m getting my haircut this evening, and these popular 2019 hairstyles are giving me all sorts of inspiration! I have always been a fan of long layers…

four || Proud deatheater over here. You can’t just watch the movies and then have complaints about the story because most of those complaints are addressed in the books ok just read them! Or listen to them on Audible (which I’m currently doing right now!)

five || I’m not generally a HUGE lemon fan, but this Starbucks copycat lemon loaf is making my mouth water! It might be the icing. That icing looks REAL good. I’m almost done with my Whole30 stint (more on that next week!) and I might have to make this as a little post-birthday treat to bring into work!

That’s all for me – I hope you all have a great weekend and have a little birthday treat for me!

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