Yes, Even More Podcasts I’m Loving!

If people could stop making amazing podcasts so I don’t feel like I need to listen to all of them, that would be great… Just kidding! I LOVE that there are so many amazing podcasts out there! And I feel like I’m adding a new one to my “list of podcasts I’ll probably love and will listen to later” list every single day. In fact I added one to my list today. TODAY!!! When will I start listening to it? No idea! But I don’t want to forget about it so on the list it goes!

I definitely go through seasons when it comes to what kind of podcast I’m in the mood for (just like the moods I go through when it comes to reading books) and lately I’ve been listening to a lot more podcasts that have a limited number of episodes. I like that I know there is an end coming, and it makes each episode seem more special. (But I still love all my never-ending, weekly ones, too!) I’ve been doing a lot of good listening and I have FIVE more great podcasts to share with you all!

Dirty John

I’d heard great things about this one, and it was just as intense as I had heard! It would be a crazy story on its own, but the fact that it’s a REAL story about REAL people makes it even more intense! I also saw that some tv channel was making this podcast into a tv series (a limited one) and so I knew I had to listen before I could watch it!! This podcast tells the story of a manipulative guy, John, and how he was a crazy person that basically tricked a woman into marrying him, and it goes into all the things that happened with them and their families. I won’t spoil the ending, but MAN HE WAS SUCH A CRAZY PERSON!!!!!!

Serial (Season 3)

No, this isn’t a new podcast, but after a long wait they finally released season 3, which is now over. Season 3 (which was way better than season 2, btw) took place over about a year and it followed a few cases and people in the Ohio court system. It was fascinating, and upsetting, and frustrating, and eye opening to see how things go in the judicial system. The courts/judges were extremely open and allowed recording pretty much everywhere, so you really get a well-rounded look at how some trials went – before, during, and after. I’m glad that I listened to this one week-by-week as the episodes came out, because it wouldn’t feel super great to listen to all of them back-to-back. So maybe don’t do that…

Surviving Y2K

Here’s yet another limited-run podcast that I’m listening to and enjoying! As of today, it’s still not over yet, so who knows how it will wrap up! It’s from the same guy that made the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, and this one is just as interesting. It goes into different stories about what people were doing leading up to Y2K, it showcases people who did and didn’t believe that computers were going to crash, and more!

Stuff You Should Know

This is definitely not a new one… in fact it’s been around for a LONG time! Somehow I missed it before and I just started listening to it a few weeks ago! Each episode dives in pretty deep about a very specific topic, so you can learn a lot about why people are left-handed, why roundabouts came to be and how to properly use them, who killed JFK, how elimination diets work, and years and years and years-worth of more topics! The hosts do a really great job at explaining things very well and making me feel like I actually understand what’s going on in the episode.

Cool Playlist

This is another pretty new one to me, but it is so much fun!! Cool Playlist is pretty much what you’re thinking – a cool new playlist each and every episode! The host Eliza Skinner contributes 5 songs, and her guest for the week contributes 5 songs to a VERY specific playlist. Some of the ones I’ve listened to so far have been playlists for “Walking Around After A Breakup,” “Waiting in Line for Broadway Lottery Tickets,” “Dropping Off a Bag of Clothes at Goodwill (that you know are out of style but you’ll still deeply miss),” and “First Day in a Very Cool New Outfit.” Definitely some language in this one but it’s fun to hear songs I love and find some new songs I had never heard before!



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