Boston Travel Recap

I just finished editing my Boston pictures and I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE THEM!! I just had such a fun trip with my college girlfriends and the pictures don’t even do it justice! I’ve always been the person to document our fun times over the years, and while I had my phone out constantly, I don’t feel like I captured all the fun things we did! So here’s a full recap of my trip to Boston!


I got there first and our AirBnb (the cutest little white row house) was still being cleaned, so I dropped my bags inside and went on a leaf peepin’ walk around our neighborhood! We were staying in Back Bay which is definitely the place to stay if you’re in Boston! The houses were SO adorable, there were so many trees, and it was SO walkable! There were restaurants and shops all over the place and I had the best time just walking around. While I was walking around, I found a juice place to grab a small meal while I waited for my friends to arrive.

By the time two of the other girls got to town, we were all starving! We walked a few blocks to have dinner at a place called Whiskey’s where we had what we so affectionately called “dip dinner” which was us sharing orders of spinach dip and buffalo chicken dip. It was obvious that the creator of that menu had never stepped foot in the midwest because the buffalo chicken dip was NOT what we expected! It was CHUNKY and not creamy and it was still good but it was kind of sad when we were all expecting one thing and then got something completely different.. know what I mean?

After dip dinner, we got some ice cream and waited for another friend to get to town (delayed flights are the worst!)


In the morning, two of the girls had some homework they wanted to work on (#RealLife) so the other non-homework-having gal and I walked a few blocks to get everyone tea/coffee and bagel sandwiches for breakfast. It was drizzly when we walked and our timing couldn’t have been better because it started POURING as soon as we got back to our house!

Finally mid-morning the last girl got into town and then the fun could really begin!! Our house was very close to the Boston Public Garden, so we started walking that direction and spent some time in the park looking at all the gorgeous trees. The sun was shining for a few minutes and it was just so beautiful!

We also stumbled across a statue for Edgar Allan Poe, which obviously we had to pose with for a few minutes.

We kept walking and didn’t stop till we got to the Boston Tea Party ship and museum. This was one thing I REALLY wanted to do while we were in town and I’m so glad that we did! The tickets for the re-enactment/museum tour were more than I expected, but it was so worth it. I just love history and learning things and it was so fun to get to “throw tea” off the ship and into the harbor!

After the tour was done, everyone was pretty starving, so we walked to get some dinner. We went to the Boston Sail Loft which was pretty close by, and enjoyed a nice meal together! We all got a communal order of clam chowder so we could try it, and I couldn’t really taste things very well (I was already getting sick at this point) but it wasn’t terrible! After dinner, we got MORE ice cream (SO much better than the stuff we got the first night) and just hung out at our house catching up!


We took our time waking up on Sunday and two girls were sweet and walked to get everyone tea and coffee while the rest of us hung back at the house. Once we got ready for the day, we all walked a few blocks to have brunch at a cute place called Cafeteria Boston. This brunch was SO GOOD! Somehow I took zero pictures while we were there, but just trust me, this place was amazing.

Next, we hopped in an Uber and made our way across the river to Cambridge where we went to visit Harvard University. My dad spent a summer going through a program at the Kennedy School of Government there (it was maybe 10 or 15 years ago, but he still loves to talk about his “time at Harvard” haha) so I made sure to take a picture there to send to him. From there, we stopped at a Mike’s Pastry to get some treats and I wanted one of EVERYTHING! I’d never had a cannoli before and was very excited to get one to try later!

We had the BEST time walking around Harvard! I’m pretty sure we all got a little bit smarter just by being there. The buildings were just so pretty and the trees made everything seem magical and we were quoting Gilmore Girls while walking around and it was a great afternoon!

We headed back to Back Bay after Harvard and would up at the Boston Public Library. I’d heard that it was gorgeous on the inside and it did not disappoint! We didn’t even see any books up close, but the detail inside was incredible to look at and the inner courtyard was beautiful!

One of the girls was flying out Sunday night, so we went back to the house so she could get her things and we could say our goodbyes to her. After she left, the remaining 4 of us were trying to decide what we wanted for dinner. We ended up going to a place called Lolita because we all agreed that a good margarita was needed. The entire weekend we got SO lucky and were able to get tables immediately without reservations, but our luck ran out when we got to Lolita. They said it would be a two hour wait for a table (what?!??! On a Sunday night?!?!) but we were welcome to sit in the lounge/bar area where they served the full menu. So that’s what we did! We hovered by a group who had seats around a little coffee table (they were waiting for their table to be ready) and as soon as they got up, we swooped in so we could have a place to sit and eat. We ordered food and drinks and everything was delicious – it was a great end to the weekend!

Typing it out, it doesn’t seem like we really did that much while in Boston, but we were constantly on the go and I honestly just had such a fun time. It was so good to see my friends and catch up and hug and snuggle laugh WAY too hard. We started making plans for the next time we would all get together (which does not happen very often since we’re all so far away and life gets busy) but I’m already looking forward to the next one!

The next two days were spent on a little mini road trip adventure around New England, but I’ve already shared so many pictures so I’ll share those in the next post!

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