Recent Reads

Celebrity memoirs/essays are seriously the best! I love reading them and think it’s even better when the author reads it themselves. It’s just so much fun to hear it in their own voice and with their own inflection, and you can just imagine them saying the words to you like you were having a conversation. And that’s exactly how I felt when I listened to Ellie Kemper read her book, My Squirrel Days.

I loved hearing stories about her growing up in St. Louis, especially since I grew up in that area, too! I loved hearing stories about her planning her wedding. I loved hearing stories about getting her start in the comedy community. But most of all, I loved hearing stories about her time on The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! She talked about having to wear those hot pink pants ALL THE TIME and I was cracking up. This book is definitely more of a “make you laugh” rather than a “tell you all the down and dirty true details” but if you’re looking for a light-hearted easy read, this would be an excellent choice!

The other book I finished recently is a suuuuuuuuuuuper short one, but I really enjoyed it! I had been meaning to read The Lipstick Gospel by Stephanie May Wilson for YEARS but just never got around to it. (You can actually get a free copy of this short book on her website!) I don’t remember how I heard about Stephanie for the first time, but she was a cute and well-spoken Christian who seemed right around my age, so I signed up for her emails at some point in time and really enjoyed everything I saw from her. Then I found out that she was starting a podcast called Girls Night where she talks with friends about faith, relationships, friendship, and life in general and I started listening and I LOVE it! It might even be my favorite podcast at the moment… she just has such good things to say and it seems like I’m texting a quote from just about every single episode to a friend to share the wisdom!

But enough about all that – I’m here to talk about her book! It is written in a very conversational way, which is not everybody’s favorite style, but I really enjoyed it. I’m used to hearing her talk, so this was a very comfortable cadence to read for me. She talks about how God was the furthest thing from her mind for a very long time, the things she was going through in college, and the semester abroad that changed her whole view of God and faith. She could have ended the book right there, but she went on to show how she struggled as a new believer, how she grew in her faith, and how her life was beginning to change. It was just a really sweet story and it made me love Stephanie even more!

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