My Julep Favorites – Nails and Skincare and Makeup, Oh My!

I don’t actually remember how I first heard about the beauty brand, Julep, but I do know that it was back in 2012. 2012!!! That was so long ago! And yes, I only knew that because I looked on the website to see when I placed my first order and it said 2012!! Once I learned what Julep was and gave them a chance, I feel like my life was changed. I got hooked and I gave them all of my allegiance, which has only grown and grown over the years.

They started out focusing on nail polish and they did (and still do!) it so well. The colors are so rich and they glide on without any issues, and now this is pretty much the only nail polish brand I use. And then. And then!!! And then they started adding more items to their arsenal and I have loved every single one I’ve tried (except for one…). I love them so much, that I looked around my bathroom and realized that the majority of my beauty routine is done using only Julep products!

Since I’ve tried a ton of their product line, I thought I would share the ones I love the very best and HIGHLY recommend you try, too!

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First up, obviously, is nail polish. I just love the way that the color glides onto your nails. It’s a thicker polish, so you can get away with just one coat most of the time, and they have an almost unlimited choice of colors and glitters and shines to choose from. But the thing I SWEAR BY is on the far right in my image – the Freedom Polymer Top Coat. This stuff is AMAZING. I know I’ve shared it before once or twice, but everyone needs this in their life. It dries your nails in 5 minutes (like touch your nails go on with your life dry) and it makes your nails SO SMOOTH! It feels like you got a gel manicure, and this top coat makes my nail polish last way longer than any other top coat I’ve ever used.

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When Julep started adding skincare, I didn’t really care. I already had my “favorite” items and didn’t really need to try anything else. But then I got their love your bare face cleansing oil. And then I tried their night shift sleeping mask. And then I got the what your skin needs facial milk. And then I was hooked. But by far, the BEST thing that they have (in my opinion), and the ONE THING YOU SHOULD TRY if you were only going to try one thing, is the Triple Quench face mask system. It ROCKS. Something about the three steps working together does such wonders for my skin, it’s almost unbelievable. The next day my skin is SO soft and smooth and looks so amazing, people have stopped to ask what I did differently to make my skin look so good. Seriously, you need to try it!

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Once I started trying the Julep makeup line, I was SO impressed with just about everything… except the mascara that I tried. But I’m very particular about my mascara. But anyway. Everything else has been absolutely wonderful to use and I can’t recommend it enough. Especially the eyeliners. The gel and liquid are both great, and I love that the gel pencil liner comes in SO many shades. The one I’m using right now is a very dark purple and you can’t really tell but it makes me feel a little more fun. The eye shadow is perfect and applies so well.  But if I had to choose just ONE thing to recommend you to try, it would without a doubt be the It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse. It goes on so smooth and dries into a nice matte finish that lasts all day. Seriously, all day. I eat and drink and this stuff doesn’t go anywhere. It’s amazing.

Now that I’ve shared my absolute favorites from Julep, I wanted to share a little hack with you, too… I don’t pay full price for any of these items. Nope – I sure don’t! Spend $20 on lip gloss? Nope. $12 for a face mask? Are you kidding? Nope. $14 for nail polish?!?! What?!?! So what do I do to get these great items at a discount? I joined their membership program, Julep Maven! There are a lot of things I love about it.

It’s only $20 a month and you get three items, which makes the price of each item very reasonable. 

You can customize your box each month, so you aren’t stuck with a nail polish color you’d never wear or a shade of blush that would look terrible on you.

There is NO PENALTY if you skip a box for that month! They don’t care, and it doesn’t remove you from the program! (I probably only get 2-3 boxes a year, if I’m being honest.)

You earn points with each monthly box you get, and you can use those points to get additional items or even a free box!

So because I get the subscription box, I make sure that I’m getting my favorite things, or new things I want to try, at a much cheaper price. It’s the best way to do it!

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