How to Pack and Stay Organized Before a Trip (FREE Packing List!)

While I may be terrible at unpacking, (like, the actual worst… I still have things in my bathroom bag from my trip a few weeks ago…. so…) I’m surprisingly VERY good at packing. I always make a very detailed packing list (man do I love lists!!) and I can pack a week-long trip into a small carry-on. I actually don’t know how it happens, but it is really nice never having to check a bag. I could say it’s just magic or packing elves helping me out, but I’m pretty sure the reason I’m so good at getting everything perfectly in my bag is the fact that I make a packing list each and every time I travel.

Since I’ve been making my packing lists over and over and over again with all the traveling I have been doing recently, I thought I might save some time and a little bit of sanity and make a MASTER packing list for myself that came pre-loaded with all the things I take on every trip no matter what. I need to start packing for a trip I’m taking on Friday, so this was the perfect time to make this happen.

But first, I had to make a list that was completely blank. When I’m making my normal packing lists, I always divide things into categories, so that’s what I did for this one, too. (I’ll post the link to download and print your own blank packing list at the end!)

Now that I had that done, I started adding things that I usually pack for every single trip. Things like pajamas, deodorant, socks, toothpaste, etc. Things that I’m always afraid I’ve left off my packing list on accident, but thankfully never do.

Once I got that made and printed out, I started to fill in the rest of the list with things that need to get packed for my trip!

And now that I have my fancy packing list ready to go, I can start packing and be confident that I’m not going to forget anything important! I’m super excited to use this pre-made packing list going forward – it makes my structure-loving enneagram 1-wing very very happy!

Now that you made it to the very end, let me give you a link to have a FREE blank packing list of your very own! Just click here and enjoy!

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