Recent Listens

Happy weekend, everybody!! I’m so excited for the next few days – I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned with new and old friends and I think it will be one of those weekends that is good for the soul. Plus we are having a block party at my church and I think that will be a blast! But along with all the fun stuff, I have a lot of less exciting things to do, too, like cleaning and running errands and finally unpacking from my last trip so I can start packing for my next trip. (One of these days I’ll actually unpack like a normal person but this is not the day.)

Next weekend I’m going to Boston with some of my very favorite people for a weekend of fun! We don’t really have an agenda except for to enjoy each other’s company and eat as much delicious food as possible and it will be amazing. Part of the trip will include a little mini road trip around the surrounding states to do some good leaf peepin. And you know what every road trip needs?! An awesome playlist!

I’ve started adding songs to a list and it is making me even more excited for all of my girlfriends to be together again! I’m trying to make sure I add songs that I know each of us like, but I’m also just adding some really fun songs that I’ve been listening to lately and I know the group with love (or love to quietly have playing in the background while we chat nonstop!) So I thought I’d share some of these great songs that I can’t get enough of with you all! I’m always looking for fun, new artists to listen to, and so maybe this will give you some fun, new artists to check out!

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