You Complete Me, Hot Pink Rug

I’ll be the first person to admit it – I don’t live in the *nicest* of apartments (technically it’s a townhouse, but you get it). And people are so nice when they come over and they say things like “No, it’s great!” and “This is not that bad!” and bless their hearts they are trying to hard to be nice but I know that it just isn’t an amazing place. Which to be honest, is 100% ok with me! It is nice enough that I don’t feel like my entire life is falling apart, but it is crappy enough that it is in my budget for the part of town I wanted to live in. Actually, forget the neighborhood, it was in my budget for all of Dallas. Because all of Dallas is crazy expensive and I just can’t spend $1,300 a month for a 500 square foot studio apartment with no closets. Nope. I’ll take an outdated kitchen at a good price any day. I’m trying to save up money to buy a place, and I can’t do that if ALL of my money is going to rent. #priorities

Because I knew that I wasn’t going to live in this townhouse forever, I didn’t really put in a lot of effort with decorating the place. I hung up a gallery wall over my couch, and I put up some pictures here and there, but I didn’t really feel like spending money on something for one rental that might not go well or fit into another future rental. So my apartment felt kind of sad and empty for a while. But then I got a new TV stand, and that added a cute item to a weird corner of my place. And then I got a headboard, which finally made it seem like I wanted to sleep there on purpose and not just because I had to. One other big item that seemed to be missing – a rug.

Getting a rug, for some reason, felt like the BIGGEST deal, because it is a BIG item! I had put it off for so long, but was finally ready to make that purchase and actually make it seem like I was living in a fun, homey place. I was constantly searching for the perfect piece (my friend Allison can attest to this as she was usually the person I’d send links to with corresponding “is this ugly?” or “why do I love this?” or “is this worth the price?” messages.) But then, I FOUND THE BEST RUG ON THE PLANET! And I BOUGHT IT!

If there was a rug that was custom made just for me, then this would definitely be it. Yes, it is extremely bright and some might find that obnoxious, but I LOVE it! It has brightened up my entire living room and it makes my apartment feel 1,483% cozier. Please excuse these pictures with terrible lighting and my lumpy couch and the fact that part of the rug still rolling up on one side, but I just think it fits so well!

I feel like that was a really long intro to basically say “hey look I bought this pink rug” but I needed you to go on that journey with me. Aren’t you so glad you did? So much fun, I know. I am just so thrilled with this purchase and I can’t wait to enjoy my living room even more now. I refused to sit on my living room floors previously because the “wood” flooring just always seemed dirty no matter how much I used my Swiffer Wet Jet and stick vac, and I’ve been sitting on this rug pretty much NONSTOP since it arrived last week! It’s my new favorite thing, I love the bright and happy colors, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

So tell me, what’s YOUR favorite thing in your living space right now?

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