There’s Still Time!

Let me echo every other person in your life by saying WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE?!?!?! I swear, it was March like, 3 days ago. Did June actually happen? Do I even remember August? September lasted approximately 4 years for me… but here we are in October and I just can’t believe it! Since we’re now down to the last quarter of the year, I thought now would be a great time to talk about… our new year’s resolutions.

Yes, those little things that we were so eager and excited to make back in December and January and then promptly forgot about by January 14th. Or at least I did. Was that just me? Please tell me it wasn’t just me! So did I actually accomplish any of the resolutions I set out to? Ummm…. no not really…

When I really think about it, I think I can pinpoint one of the main reasons I haven’t kept with a lot of my resolutions. One thing I have come to know about myself, is that I am great at procrastinating, and I relate this to time A LOT.

“I told myself I would start studying at 7:30, but now it’s 7:36… guess I’ll just wait to start studying till 8:00.”

“I was going to start that jogging schedule on Monday but I skipped a day… guess I’ll just stop and start over next Monday.”

“I was doing the whole30 but I had some birthday cake yesterday… guess I’ll just wait till the 1st of next month and start over.”

“I was going to read the entire bible in one year, but it’s month 3 and I’m already so far behind… guess I’ll just read randomly here and there and start again next January.”

“I was trying to accomplish XYZ but I haven’t started yet… guess I’ll wait till 2019.”

Does this sound familiar? Call it laziness or fear or whatever you want, it’s all too common and it’s so not a great mindset! When you really think about it and type it out, it just doesn’t make any sense! Start studying now!! Go for a jog now!! Do the whole30 now!! Read the bible now!! ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING YOU WANT NOW!! But gosh, it is just so easy to push things off. To say that you’ll totally do it… just not this second. To wait till “later” which in all honestly, will probably not happen. And then you’ll find yourself in the last quarter of the year realizing you haven’t been making your bed every day, you haven’t trained for that 5k like you wanted, you haven’t gotten better at that hobby and opened up an Etsy shop, or you name it. It hasn’t happened.

But. Guess what?


Let’s change our mindset and instead of waiting three months for a new year and a new set of resolutions, let’s pick ours back up and CRUSH THEM for the last 3 months of the year! What do you say?!? It’ll be easy – let’s do it together!

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now, and I’ve come up with a game plan for how we can stop waiting, stop procrastinating, and revive and ACHIEVE our new year’s resolutions.

Step 1: Revisit Your Resolutions

This should be obvious. You can’t plan for success if you don’t know the things you want to succeed at! Go find the list you made at the beginning of the year (or think of and write down some of the resolutions you can remember) and take a good hard look at that list. If you’re like me, you maybe had a LOT of lofty goals for your year (and maybe you’re feeling a little bad/guilty/embarrassed at just how many things you abandoned – but don’t because you’re totally not alone!) so now that it’s crunch time, we need to look over our once-important goals and see which ones we want to focus on for the remainder of 2018.

Step 2: Write Out Your Goals (Again)

Having your list from the beginning of the year really isn’t going to do us any good, right? It’s just going to remind us of the fact that oops we spent 9 months not doing all the things that we hoped and dreamed we would. And I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life! So now that we’ve picked out the goals we want to focus on for the next quarter, it’s time to write them down nice and fresh. You can do this however you’d like – just make sure it’s in a way that will keep you inspired for the next few months!

Step 3: Make A Game Plan

This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP! By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, so it’s time to plan out how we’re going to take our goals and resolutions and make them actually attainable and achievable. I think one of the most important things here is to remember to stay realistic and even revise your goal if necessary. If your original goal was to run a 5k without stopping to walk (aka one of the things that was on my resolutions list) but you want to keep that goal as something to focus on, maybe it just needs to be changed a little bit to run a mile without stopping or jog X miles before the end of 2018.

Back to making a plan. Here is when we decide how to keep track of our goals for the next three months. Will that be a daily calendar that you can mark off days for completing a task? Will that be writing out your goal in GIGANTIC LETTERS and putting it someplace you’ll see every day? Will it be setting aside some time each weekend to work toward getting something done? There are so many options!

Step 4: Follow Up With Yourself

It’s one thing to just have a goal and make a plan… but that doesn’t mean that anything will actually happen. I think one of the reasons that I didn’t accomplish my resolutions to the level that I had hoped was that I wasn’t checking back on them regularly. I made my (gigantic) list, got all excited for the awesome new life I was going to live in the new year, and then put that list away and literally never looked at it again. What?!?! This step goes hand-in-hand with the one above. If we’re going to make a plan, we have to follow up on it! There are many ways to do this as well, and it does depend on what kind of goal you want to accomplish, but I’m going to set an alarm on my phone to go off every Sunday so I can “check in” and see how my progress is going. That will also ensure that I’m thinking about my goals and looking at the game plan I made at least once a week!

Step 5: Evaluate

The very last step! This one gets saved for the veeeeeeeeery end, aka when the year is over, aka when hopefully all of our goals have been completed! Evaluating how we did (celebrating victories and not being too hard on ourselves if it didn’t go as well as planned) will be helpful we make resolutions while going into 2019. What worked? What didn’t? Did you stick to your plan? Why or why not?

I’m going back through my 2018 resolutions right now, and I think I’m going to pick out 3 to focus on over the next few months. I’ll be making my game plan tonight and I’m actually really excited to accomplish some of the things I set out to as the new year began! I’m definitely going to keep myself accountable and I’ll be evaluating how I did at the end of the year. So now let’s go and finally crush some resolutions!

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