A Few San Diego Favorites (And Places I Still Want to Visit)

Man, I just won’t stop talking about my trip to San Diego, huh?!?! This will be it, I promise! As I mentioned in my last post, I spend most of my work trip up in the La Jolla area, but I did get to do a little bit of exploring outside of that area while I was there and let me tell you… I really liked what I saw! No wonder people love living in San Diego so much and never want to leave – it was great!! The few places I went were too great not to share.

So this restaurant was definitely not my choice, but man was it SO GOOD. I went here with a few coworkers and had the best pizza of my entire life. The restaurant itself, Cucina Enoteca, was up in Del Mar, but I’m still counting it on my San Diego list, anyway. But back to the important stuff, aka the pizza. Look at it. LOOK AT IT AGAIN. Oh, you’re confused because it looks kind of strange and you don’t actually know what is on it? Ok let me tell you! It had dates. Ricotta. Bacon. Smoked almonds. Arugula. Parmesan. Balsamic. WHOA BEST PIZZA EVER. And trust me, I know it sounds kinda wacky but it’s been almost 4 months and I still think about it. A lot. We also tried a few appetizers and desserts and drinks (and basically shared all of them but not the drinks because that seems grosser than sharing a little plate with coworkers you met for the first time the day before…) and everything was delicious!

Hah. Ok. So let me tell you a little bit about the Ocean Beach Pier. Actually first let me tell you about how I ended up at the Ocean Beach Pier. I’m in a Facebook group created by one of my favorite bloggers and one of the things I love about it is that you can ask for recommendations for things and people will CRUSH IT with suggestions! I’ve asked for the best place to buy non-see-through jeans (Vineyard Vines – crushed it) and I asked for recommendations for what to do on a free afternoon in Orlando and they crushed it by telling me to go to Winter Park! So when I asked for San Diego recommendations for places and restaurants, I trusted these lovely ladies who had never let me down before! A few ladies suggested that this pier was a great place to watch the sunset because it goes so far out in the water, so I headed there one day after work.

And I got there. And now, there’s nothing wrong with this if this is the way you want to live your life and spend your time and your money, but personally I do not smoke anything of any kind. And I think I was the ONLY person at this beach that was not smoking a very specific thing. On the entire beach/pier. Like, you know how when you get close to the ocean, you can smell the salty air and the sand and it takes over your senses? Well not at this beach!! I was standing 3 feet from the ocean and COULD NOT SMELL THE OCEAN due to the overwhelming smell coming from one particular other very strong odor. And yes the sunset was lovely and the water was gorgeous and the view was phenomenal, but the crowd did seem a little bit sketchy and again, you can’t smell the ocean due to other special smells.

Also there was a lot of fishing going on all over the pier and I’m not a fan of seeing fish flopping around me so that was also unpleasant. That is all.

Saving the best for last, even though it was the very first thing I did in San Diego! My mom told me that I HAD to find my way to Coronado Island when I was in San Diego, and I’m so glad I did! I literally only saw the Hotel Del, but that was good enough for me. The hotel was huge and gorgeous and I took so many pictures just because I loved it so much! I walked out to the beach behind it and just kind of sat and enjoyed the water for a while. It was nice to just sit and take in my surroundings and not look at my phone for a while. I wish I had more time to explore Coronado, but I had to get ready for my week at work and was trying to be responsible or whatever. Lame.

I told you I didn’t get to do very much exploring outside of La Jolla! But it was just enough to really get me itching to go back and check out all the things I didn’t get to see on that trip. I’ve been keeping a running list of places to go and things to do – let me know if there are any big ones I’m missing that I should add!!

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
See the Navy Seals at Coronado
Liberty Public Market
Balboa Park
Old Town
Gas Lamp area



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