I Love Musicals!!!

Back in January 2017, I was at the height of my Hamilton obsession. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still obsessed and I still blast the soundtrack in my car and sing every word at the top of my lungs in the car, but back then it was just fresher. I was just minding my own business when one day I got an email from the Dallas Summer Musicals organization saying that HAMILTON WOULD BE COMING TO DALLAS………… sometime in 2019. Your girl got SO excited. But how would I guarantee to see it and not spend $600 for one single ticket?!?

Well, I kept reading the email and this organization gave me the answer I was looking for. All I had to do was buy season tickets for the 2018 musical season (remember, this is January 2017 at this point), so then I would be able to renew my season tickets for the 2019 musical season, which would guarantee me a ticket to see Hamilton at a “normal” price!

Now, you might be thinking “That’s crazy buying season tickets for TWO YEARS just to see one show!” and sure you’d be kind of right… but you better believe that’s exactly what I did! I did the math, and getting season tickets for two years was still cheaper than what a single Hamilton ticket cost as a lot of the touring shows… so I was ok with it! And so I bought the first set of season tickets A FULL YEAR before I saw the first musical… and now the first year of season tickets is already over! Thankfully I have a friend who is just as obsessed with Hamilton as I am, and I told him my plan and he got so excited and said, “I WAS GOING TO DO THAT, TOO!!!” so we got our season ticket seats next to each other and we have a little friend date to see musicals once a month!

I saw 6 musicals this year and for the most part, they were all pretty great! In fact, I have a hard time saying that any of them were “bad” because the people involved just worked so hard to make the show happen and I’ve got to give them credit for showing up and getting the job done… so I’ve given them all awards!

– Best Children In a Musical –

This hands down has to go to School of Rock! I was kind of skeptical about this one since it was a movie first, but the whole thing was really fun! And the kids were SO AMAZING! They were singing and dancing AND playing their musical instruments live on stage! It was so impressive. I wanted to give all of them individual high fives.

– Biggest Musical Tragedy –

And no… this is not tragic like the story was really sad… this is tragic like WHO IN THE WORLD THOUGHT THIS WAS AN OK THING FOR A MUSICAL?!?!? I have to give the singers credit tho, because ALL the singing was phenomenal. And the sets were pretty elaborate and neat. But guys… this story… it was so bad. The songs… they were so bad. The world did NOT need a sequel to Phantom of the Opera yet here we are with one in existence. Just tragic!

– Best Musical I’d Already Seen Before –

Hands down The Lion King wins for best musical I’ve actually already seen before! I think it had been about 15 years since I’d seen it though, so it was almost like seeing it for the first time again! I had to reschedule when I saw this one, so since my friend and I were changing dates anyway, we went ahead and upgraded our seats to sit just a little bit closer- and I’m so glad we did! Even just that little bit made such a difference and the whole show was just amazing!

– Musical That Should Have Made Me Cry But Somehow I Didn’t Use Any of the Tissues I Brought With Me –

When it comes to musicals, Les Mis is one of the “classics.” I remember my parents going to see it when I was really little, and now that they’ve made it into a movie a lot more people know the story and the songs. I saw the movie in theaters and CRIED MY EYES OUT so I expected the same thing to happen when I saw the musical… which was not the case! Probably because I already knew all the sad parts? Maybe? But it was incredible to see it on stage and I definitely preferred this version!

– Musical That Made Me Dance A Little In My Seat –

I will be honest. I had absolutely no expectations for this musical. It actually seemed like kind of a strange musical to have been made, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would! The music made me kind of bop around in my seat (not obnoxiously tho – I wasn’t that person) and I even looked up the songs to listen to later the next week!

– Favorite Musical of 2018 –

By far my favorite new-to-me musical of the 2018 season was Waitress! I’m always kind of hesitant when a musical is based off a movie (which in my mind is very different than a musical being based off a book for some reason) but this one really impressed me! The cast did a great job singing, the show was fun, and I loved the music! It was VERY obvious that Sara Bareilles wrote some/part/all (I can’t actually remember…) of the songs because most of the songs sounded very much her style… which I just so happen to love so I enjoyed all of them! The only weird thing about this one… was the accent that the main character used. She has a very normal voice in real life, but when she tried to talk in a Southern accent in the show she got very… mumble-y… and it was honestly kind of hard to understand her… but other than that very tiny thing it was great and I want it to come back to Dallas soon!

Now that the 2018 season is over, I have to wait a few months before the 2019 season starts. Our first show for that season is actually in December (which yes is technically still in 2018 but let’s not worry about that…) and it’s Phantom of the Opera and I can’t wait! Then it’s just a few more months to wait until I get to FINALLY see Hamilton! My tickets are for April 6, 2019 and you bet I’m going to have some sort of countdown calendar going once we get a little bit closer!

4 thoughts on “I Love Musicals!!!

  1. I am another musical theatre fanatic.

    The most number of musicals I seen in a year was four. I see mostly touring productions because I don’t live in or near NYC. I live in Charlotte, a popular touring stop- shows go there every single year.

    My favorite musical (can I say two?): Les Mis and Wicked are basically at the same level (no joke). Wicked was responsible for sparking my love for musicals where Les Mis made that love for musicals explode. I have seen Wicked four times already and Les Mis five times. I am obsessed with Les Mis- I know why I love it, but not why I am obsessed with it.

      • 2006, a mystery year (I don’t remember the 2nd year), 2013, and 2016 are the four years I saw Wicked.

        Each time I see it, the show improves and the emotions deepen and mature.

        I am so emotionally to Elphaba, Fiyero, and Glinda particularly to Elphaba. I focus so much on the friendship and love triangle that I tend to overlook the storylines: I don’t mean to: its just I am so connected to those three characters.

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