Sweet Tooth Hotel

Do you ever see things that people have done on Facebook or Instagram and you think to yourself “Man, I can’t believe people paid money to do that…” Well, I just did one of those things, and it was 100% fun and 100% worth it!

There was an art pop-up near downtown Dallas called the Sweet Tooth Hotel that was 1,200 sq. feet of neon, candy-themed rooms and it was crazy and super random and so awesome! If I’m being honest, there was really no point to going except for seeing something fun and getting fun pictures for Instagram. Which I definitely did. And the pictures don’t even do it justice!

My favorite room was the first one, with tons of mirrors, neon cacti, and ringpop-inspired lights. It was so trippy to see 18 of you at once in all the mirrors (and it was hard to find an angle for a picture where my friend and I weren’t seen!)

The next room was a crazy candy bathroom, complete with a donut mirror, glittery foam in the sink, and candy at the bottom of the bathtub!

Next on the tour was a neon and candy bedroom (this is *technically* a hotel, after all!) The bed was made out of recycled Nike shoe soles, which they wanted to make sure everybody knew, and there were macaron-shaped bedstands and lights that I fell in love with!

The last official room in the Sweet Tooth Hotel was a little kitchen, which made it feel more like a Sweet Tooth Apartment, but whatever it’s fine let’s just go with it. There were so many props you could pose with, a fun phone that didn’t work, and lots of surprises inside the cabinets!

That must be it, right? WRONG! There is a secret room that you get to by going THROUGH THE FRIDGE!!!

This was the CRAZIEST room of all! All neon, all stuffed animals, all crazy! Like, who thought of this?!?!?

While those were all of the rooms at the Sweet Tooth Hotel, there was plenty to see in the hallways, too! There was a neon sign that said something that might have been “sweet dreams” (I don’t remember!!), there were more props to pose with, a cotton candy-esque rainbow wall, and a cloud that glowed brighter and brighter the louder you spoke!

What a fun, random place, right?!?! I still kind of can’t believe that I paid money to go see this for 45 minutes (they say you get an hour time slot for your ticket, but it was really 45 minutes…) but at the same time, it was fun and I had fun with my friend, and so that makes it worth it in my mind.

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