Five for Friday #42

Hello from Kansas City!!! Well technically hello from Olathe, Kansas. I’m in town for a really good friend’s wedding tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her as a gorgeous bride! I just saw her and all our friends less than 2 weeks ago for her bachelorette party weekend, but I am so excited for more fun friend time. And cake. And I’m told there will be mini pies, so obviously I’m excited for those, too. It’s a bummer I couldn’t fit my workout shoes in my carry-on because I’m going to be eating ALL the food this weekend and will need to burn some calories! I head straight to San Diego for a work trip after the wedding, and I plan on doing a lot of walking there, so that will help. Except I’ll be eating more yummy food in San Diego…. it’ll be fine.

I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks doing the reading for my bible study for next week and waiting for my gal pals to get to town and realized I hadn’t posted yet today! And it’s a Five for Friday which is my FAVORITE, so here we go!

One || Have you heard of the enneagram before? It’s a kind of personality-type system and it’s the topic of my current bible study series and it’s ALSO the basis behind a series of songs from one of my favorite singers, Sleeping at Last! He is creating a song for each of the 9 enneagram types, and they’re all just SO good and SO on point and SO beautiful. The song for number 5 came out TODAY and you need to listen!! I’ll leave the song for 2 below, because right now it’s my favorite.

Two || Look at these adorable gingham donuts!! While I’m not a donut maker (YET!), I definitely want to try and decorate some of my sugar cookies with this gingham style… I think they’ll be adorable!

Three || I’m obsessing over these adorable little journals! Do I need more cute journals in my life? Nope. Do I still want to have them in my life? Yup! Rifle Paper Co. can do no wrong in my book. I’m still drooling over their little flagship store that I got to visit while in Winter Park, FL!

Four || I need to do some serious de-cluttering in my apartment (and my life if I’m being brutally honest) and this might just be the online inspiration I need, courtesy of Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Five || LOOK AT THIS DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with it! I bought it to wear to Brook’s wedding tomorrow and I just want to wear it all the time. It fits so well and is SO flattering on me, which was a real gamble since it was only available online and I couldn’t try it on at the store and I had no idea what size to get. Yes I did order 3 sizes because you just never know. One fit PERFECTLY and the other two will go back!


That’s all from me for now – I’ve got some more reading to do before all the exciting stuff starts this weekend! I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend and also get to eat some mini pies! 🙂

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