101 in 1001: An Update

So I’m not saying that I forgot about this thing again…. but actually yeah I kind of forgot about this thing again… Oops! But looking through my list, I was very proud of how many I could cross off with little to no effort at all! I still have a few months left to finish this (or attempt to finish this), but the December 2018 end date will be here before I know it.

I still have so many to cross off! You can see my full list here, and here are the 16 things I’ve completed since my last update!

4 | I made a baby blanket for my new niece, Julia! (My sister is my friend so this counts.)

8 | I’ve completed a few Lynda courses! HTML, CSS, Illustrator, FrameMaker, and some on soft skills like communication and marketing!

9 | I have made my bed almost every morning in 2018 so far! It hasn’t always looked super pretty, but it got done.

10 | Another concert added to my list! I saw Josh Abbott Band in February in Nashville and they were great!

14 & 15 | I FINALLY made my 2015 and 2016 photo books! Better late than never. I’m just waiting to take pics of my new apartment and then I’ll have 16 done, too!

24 | Floss, floss, floss. My dentist will be so proud

35 | I blogged every day for an entire month last October!

45 | I celebrated my 30th birthday with a Nashville trip! I have a post all about it coming up soon- stay tuned!

56 | I went to the Wizarding World of  Harry Potter last month! Best amusement park ever!

58 | All my recent game nights have consisted of playing What do you Meme which is absolutely hilarious. I’m either the ULTIMATE CHAMP or I lose very very very badly!

66 | I went “hiking” at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve which is very flat and in the ‘burbs, but I’m going to count it.

85 | I’ve seen so many musicals lately! It’s easy now that I have the season pass for Dallas summer musicals. I just saw Les Miserables this past weekend and it was INCREDIBLE!

89 | I found this perfect whipped matte lip mousse and it’s PERFECT. I have the color “Say Hello.” Get’cha some.

92 | I am now a proud member of the eLearning Guild. Oh boy.

98 | I went to Orlando/Winter Park at the end of March and both were awesome!!!

101 | I’ve read so many books, I feel like I’ve missed a few! But you can see all the books I’ve read in my recent reads posts!

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