Five for Friday #40

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! This week has felt approximately 87 days long, so I’m super happy to finally be at the end of it. And I know it wasn’t just me – I had co-workers saying “Have a good weekend!” as they were leaving on Tuesday, so I think everybody has been especially ready for the weekend this week! I can’t wait to have some fun over the next few days – I’m going to a friend’s birthday dinner tonight, and then I’m going to the Social Science event at the Perot Museum here in Dallas, and tomorrow I’m going to see Les Mis at the theater! I’m planning on bringing 2 packs of tissues to this musical. And making a mental note to maybe just not wear mascara. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been out of the habit of doing these, but the Five for Friday posts are always my favorites! I love sharing the random things that I’ve been loving lately, and I hope you love it, too! It seems like every interview-type podcast I listen to has a “what are you loving these days?!?” question, and I love answering along at home… so here are the things I’ve been loving lately!

One || The Gal Meets Glam line. Wow. I don’t even know where to begin – these dresses are BEAUTIFUL!!! I’ve been following Julia for a while, and I was so excited when she announced her line of dresses in the works, and I can honestly say that they exceeded my expectations. They’re all so feminine and I know that not all of them are my exact style, but there are a few I have my eye on for sure! You can find them on her site, AND you can find them at Nordstrom!


Two || This SNL skit for the Nike Pro Chiller leggings is HILARIOUS. Because let’s be honest – how often do our yoga pants ACTUALLY go to yoga? Trust me, the next time you’re settin’ up shop on that couch, you’ll think about being a couch panini and giggle.

Three || I’ve been listening to the Waitress soundtrack a lot since I saw the musical last month! Sara Bareilles wrote the music and lyrics for the musical, and she even recorded herself (and Jason Mraz) singing a lot of the songs and they’re all lovely. This particular one has been stuck in my head day after day after day but I’m not mad about it!

Four || You guys. This is it. I found it. I found the one. I found THE BEST Rice Krispie treats recipe you’ll ever make! I made these bad boys a few weeks ago to take to a bible study potluck, and then IMMEDIATELY made them again for my sister’s birthday. The secret is reserving marshmallows to mix in at the very end so you get little pockets of gooey goodness!

Five || Have you guys been using Creative Market? I love it! It’s like Etsy for the design world, and they offer tons of fonts and templates and themes and assets that you can buy, but the best part is that they offer SIX FREE things every week! That’s where I found the fun gold glittery shapes I used in this post!!


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