How to Decorate for Halloween When You Don’t Really Feel Like It

I don’t think that I’ve ever really been too into Halloween. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED dressing up as a kid and going around to get candy was pretty much the ultimate things, but I’ve never liked scary movies and I even remember being kind of nervous about all the scary costumes walking around (I totally blame this one neighbor we had in San Antonio who was dressed up and sat motionless on the front porch, waited until we had rung the doorbell, and then JUMPED to scare us! It was all in good fun and wasn’t that traumatic, really, but I WILL NEVER FORGET!)

Now that I’m a grown-up, I still don’t really care too much about Halloween. And this year I (for some reason) volunteered to have a Halloween gathering at my place and then realized uhh…. I HAVE NO DECORATIONS!!!! So, I ran to Target and grabbed a few little things. It took all of 20 minutes to “decorate” my place and I think it turned out just fine!!!

I got: an orange plastic tablecloth, a Halloween banner, some paper straws (everybody loves paper straws!!!), orange light bulbs, orange twinkle lights, cobwebs, and white candles for the fireplace. That’s it! I love how it turned out, and my friends said my apartment was just and “festive enough,” so I’m calling that a win.

Once Halloween is over and I take these (minimal) decorations down… I think I’ll go ahead and start decorating for Christmas! I have the PERFECT spot for my tree this year, and I didn’t really decorate my place at all last year, so I’m feeling extra antsy to get some holiday cheer in my new apartment!

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