Falling in Love with Stretching (Again)

Back in high school, I was part of the color guard for the marching band (you know, the really cool people that spin flags and toss wooden rifles metal sabres). It was so much fun, and I was in the best shape of my life! All that running around and training and throwing around heavy-ish objects is really great for the waistline, tbh. But another great thing about being on colorguard was the fact that I was SO FLEXIBLE! We did INTENSE stretching before every practice/performance (which was necessary before dancing and jumping as much as we did) and all that stretching really added up. I could do the splits every which way and kick all the way up to the sky and you get the picture.

Fast forward to recently and I am…. less flexible. A lot less flexible. Somewhere along the way, stretching got out of my regular habit and man, it really shows. I can NOT do the splits any ways. I can NOT kick all the way up to the sky. I can barely kick higher than waist level without bending over. #yikes

I’ve been trying to get back into stretching lately, and thankfully I remember the stretch routine that we did back in high school. It definitely takes a while but I’m slowly getting some of my flexibility back.

I wanted to share the routine that I do for stretching at home, but I can’t figure out the best way to do so… so instead I’m going to share another stretching video that I have used and love!

Are you big into stretching? Do you only do it when you workout out or do you stretch other times, too? I’ve been trying to remember to stretch every night before going to bed – hopefully I can keep it up for a while!!


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