Five for Friday #39

Happy almost weekend, friends!! This week has been so confusing – I literally thought it was Thursday EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. So you’d better believe that I’m glad it’s finally past Thursday and we made it to Friday! I can’t wait for this weekend – I’m having people over for a movie night tonight (delicious food and friends, yes, please!) and tomorrow I’m going to hang out with some LLAMAS!!!!!! Ahh!!! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited – I hope that it is actually amazing and not a total let down!! It’s going to be chilly tomorrow morning when I go, and I’m so excited to finally bundle up a little and spend some time with cutie llamas.

I hope you guys have a super fun weekend, too! Here’s what I found and loved this week!

one || I’ve been trying to REALLY focus at work this week, and that meant that I was listening to a lot of music with NO words. I found the score to The Good Wife (a legal show I’ve kind of been obsessing over lately) and it is great – give it a listen! It’s string-heavy, which I love, and kind of propels me to work faster. (Just skip the last song.)

two || The 21 Unwritten Rules of Flying. This has some language in it, but I agree with just about all of them. Number 4 (never ask somebody to watch your stuff) reminded me of once in the Baltimore airport where somebody asked me to watch THEIR TODDLER (I didn’t actually say yes, but the lady just walked away) and she was gone for a solid 10-15 minutes. Not cool.

three || THIS VIDEO. Love love love!! It was made by someone in my college town (he would come speak to us about blood drives, so we’re pretty much bff’s… haha) I’ve watched it about 6 times and it is making me feel inspired – I hope it inspires YOU to make something where you are, even if you don’t live in NYC or LA or some other big “creative” city.

four || Brunettes rejoice – we can now have #unicornhair without bleaching or dying our hair first. What?!?! I’m not going to show up to Thanksgiving with magenta hair… but… I kinda want to…

five || These pumpkins are TOO CUTE!!! I probably won’t make them this year since Halloween is so close and I’m running out of time…. but NEXT YEAR!!!

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